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American Express Publishing, the parent company of Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure, had a database containing more than 22,000 venues, ranging from restaurants to hotels to attractions, located all over the world. Unfortunately, many of the entries contained outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate information. In order for the publisher to monetize these entries, this information needed to be updated and compliant with brand standards.


Venue entries


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Project Highlights

  • Customized CMS to manage the process and flow of data.
  • Trained team of local experts, travel journalists, editors, and fact checkers.
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Nightlife, Attractions, Retailers, Service Operators
  • Over 500 different forms of data (attributes) to update or collect

A Customized Solution

The publisher’s venue database “lived” in a proprietary system that they could not allow the EVG to access. In order to organize and update the database, EVG developed a customized content management system that allowed us to import large batches of entries from the publisher’s database. Designed with flexible data modules to accommodate the various attributes for each venue type, this system allowed us to manage the entire lifecycle of the content, from raw data to completed verified data to curation of the content.

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On Time & On Budget

In order to complete the full scope of the project, which included both fact checking the 22K entries and providing 125-character editorial pieces about each, EVG needed a big team that could move fast and, most importantly, adhere to the client’s high editorial standards. We recruited and trained a team of more than 50 local experts, travel journalists, editors, and fact checkers, based in the US and abroad. This team updated and verified the data for these venues and crafted 22K brand-compliant descriptions in less than six months, beating the client’s initial deadline by several days.

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