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Successful marketers recognize the need for owned, paid, and earned media in their content portfolios. Owned media is easy: you write it. Paid media is simple: you buy it. But earned media can be a stumbling block for many brands. That’s where content licensing comes in.



Having earned the trust of the premier media companies worldwide, our licensing team has decades of experience partnering with publishers to enhance and monetize your existing editorial strategies. We work with some of the largest lifestyle publications and soon-to-be tech giants.

With our insight and passion, we’ll not only create newfound revenue for you as a publisher. We’ll also introduce evergreen content that will grow your audience and cultivate sponsored/partnered content to keep your brand top of mind.

If you’re interested in a one-stop shop solution for implementing, growing, and protecting your content through licensing, reach out to our team.


Recognition by trusted authorities helps you build stronger relationships with current and future customers. When your brand receives accolades or its excellence is recognized by a well-established publisher, your audience needs to know about it.

If you’re new to content licensing or your team needs more bandwidth to handle promotional item requests, EVG can help. We’ll reach out on your behalf to ensure individual brands are on the same page and have what they need.

You’ve earned it. Let us help you increase sales traffic and properly leverage your earned content through licensing. Contact us.

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Sponsored Content

Paid for by the sponsor, this premium content resembles the publication’s editorial and promotes a product through the publisher’s voice. Why is sponsored content important? Allowing another organization to publish your content can potentially give your brand’s expertise, products, or services exposure to an audience that you may not have otherwise reached. And in terms of SEO value, the hosting publication provides a valuable backlink to your own blog or website, raising its quality score and potentially bringing in more traffic. 

Quality sponsored content is about creating relationships, which take time. Through our vast network of partners, our licensing team can connect your brand with the right publishers and industry influencers to create a customized sponsored campaign.

Sponsored Content is about relationships

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