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Christ Church Episcopal School

Christ Church Episcopal School came to EnVeritas Group with a problem that needed a custom solution. Like many private schools, their Lower School enrollment had been decreasing and needed a boost. They came to us and expressed their concerns: A tight budget but an even tighter deadline. Microtargeting via social media with EVG was the ideal solution.


Increased web traffic


Reached by the social ads

Project Highlights

  • Tight budget, tight deadline but a serious need
  • Demographic research to determine audience dynamics
  • Emphasis on success stories that shared critical components of the “CCES Experience”
  • Social media microtargeting to find and reach similar audiences

The Process

Finding the best way to advertise the school was the first step. CCES and EVG’s core teams agreed telling family success stories was the perfect way to showcase the school’s merits. We interviewed several CCES families and wrote their stories as blog posts. Then, we developed a demographic profile of families who were likely to attend CCES. Finally, the ads went live and traffic to the site began to increase. Enrollment inquiries went up as well.

The ideal audience:

  • 35-54 years old
  • Mothers
  • Upstate, SC
  • English and German languages

Finding the right audience

People from all over the country–and even a few from other countries–visited the site looking for a quality private school.

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The Results

“As a result of our marketing efforts with EVG, we saw an increase in quality web traffic that we believe directly led to phone calls and inquiries. This school year we exceeded our Lower School enrollment goals and I believe that our partnership with EVG played a big part” – Jamie Bryant, CCES

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