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In April of 2013, a division of Aetna Digital approached EnVeritas Group to help them solve a problem. They had a symptom checker app called iTriage, and they had been tasked with populating it with interesting, relevant articles that supported more than 20 medical conditions. The articles needed to be thoughtfully researched and knowledgeable yet accessible to lay readers. Moreover, the iTriage team needed all 115 articles created before the start of the 3rd quarter, and they needed the articles to be ready for publication upon delivery.


Interesting, relevant articles produced in eight weeks


Medical conditions covered by 5 articles each

Project Highlights

  • Specialized writers and editors
  • Content creation managed in a custom-built CMS
  • Medical conditions ranging from lupus to foot fungus
  • Possible topics included prevention tips, risk factors, and common home remedies

The Solution

EVG has extensive experience producing content large-scale content that’s brand compliant, and we are comfortable with quick turnarounds. We immediately assembled a team who had editorial experience with medical subject matter, and we worked with our counterparts at iTriage to develop a style guide and article templates to help the copy creation go as quickly as possible. Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, our team was trained to consult only specific resource material for each topic, helping to insure the accuracy of the content.

Project Details

  • 500-word (minimum) length for each article
  • Internal style guide, training material, and editorial checklists created by EVG
  • EVG’s PM planned a production schedule to accommodate the quick turnaround without sacrificing quality
  • EVG’s PM worked with the client to customize & adapt templates
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Quick, High-Quality Turnaround

EVG’s team had just over eight (8) weeks to research, write, and QA these 115 articles. Complicating matters: EVG’s project leader quickly identified that the prescribed topics (and formats) the client initially wanted us to use did not “work” all 23 medical conditions. They listened to her suggestions because she demonstrated a high-level of subject area competence and offered sensible solutions. As a result, the iTriage team gave our PM permission to customize the topics and formats as needed so they would more seamlessly fit each condition, which meant our team could produce articles with more natural, conversational flows.

In the End

  • The final article was submitted almost a full week before the client’s deadline.
  • Of the 115 articles EVG’s team produced during the 2-month project, only the sample piece delivered at the onset of the project was returned with significant feedback.
  • The iTriage team would later re-engage with EVG to produce more articles for the app.
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