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Pullman Hotels are where the world’s new nomads find inspiration and make connections. The brand’s blend of premium technology and services break down the boundaries between work and leisure, providing their guests with high-intensity experiences. In order to better meet their target audience’s thirst for exploration and local experience, Pullman contacted EVG’s team to help build out location specific content in five languages across 18 destinations.


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Project Highlights

  • A team of 14 writers and translators
  • 5 languages covered
  • 5-month project
  • 18 cities and countries
  • 288 points of interest selected
  • 308 local images sourced and cropped

Precise input from insiders

The 14 writers and translators had access to the distributed network of EVG to collect specific, up-to-date, on-the-ground information about each destination. Our project team tapped into their deep knowledge of the Pullman brand’s distinct style, their talent and the insight supplied by our local insiders to deliver the useful, high-quality content this brand required.

Helpful guides with search potential:

  • Country intro
  • City description
  • Practical info
  • Getting-around advice
  • Event calendar
  • When-to-go tips
  • Things to do

Content matched to the target audience

For the Pullman brand, these country and city guides were essentially qualitative traffic acquisitions, intended to inspire the audience to visit the destination and book with Pullman hotels. However, all parties agreed that the content truly needed to speak to this specific audience. In considering the many ways to explore a destination, our project leads determined that a mix of major and off-the-beaten path points of interest would best pique the curiosity of the Pullman community and inspire them to explore.

Website Screenshot
Website Screenshot

Customized language distribution for the best pricing

Not all audiences travel to all destinations. Thus, we worked with our client contacts to help them determine the best localization options, based on potential ROI, for each destination. This extra step resulted in cost savings on the client side, as they were able to commission localized content only for the languages most relevant to each destination in terms of guest traffic and potential ROI. As a result, EVG’s team was able to complete this five-month localization project on time and under budget.

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