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Radisson Hotel Group Americas

Radisson Hotel Group Americas is one of the largest hotel groups in the world. With a strong heritage of innovation and customer-focused service, the group has an excellent reputation for hotel experiences.


Annual website updates for 600+ hotels


New hotels onboarded each year

Project Highlights

  • EVGMedia has partnered with Radisson Hotel Group Americas since 2005.
  • Since 2008, EVGMedia has served as the company’s content arm for individual hotels.
  • EVGMedia performs annual reviews on all hotel websites, ensuring brand standards are met, copy is concise and well-written, and SEO is skillfully deployed.
  • EVGMedia also manages the day-to-day updates for more than 600 hotels, ensuring that as updated or new content comes online from the hoteliers, that content is brand compliant and compelling.

Long-term Partnership with Radisson Hotel Group Americas

EVGMedia works closely with Radisson Hotels to provide web copy, SEO, and technical know-how for both the corporate website and 600+ hotel-level sites. Additionally, we work with Radisson to execute daily updates that come directly from hotels, and also assist as the organization’s content arm for large, corporate-level projects.

Key Projects Through the Years

  • Major website migrations: Planning, implementing, QAing
  • Blogging and niche destination content
  • Ongoing contract for hotel website annual reviews
  • Ongoing contract for hotel website updates (quick completion times)
  • Proprietary technology with SSO and customized CMS for Radisson hoteliers
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The Team

EVGMedia comprises a staff dedicated to this work each year, with very little turnover and a high degree of project knowledge. Our staff are experts in copywriting, SEO, project management, and CMS/Radisson tech. We use a proprietary CMS that accommodates workflow and provides for easy communication with the individual hotel properties.

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