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WIKA Instrument, LP is a global leader in pressure and temperature measurement. EVG first began consulting with them in 2012, and we now serve as their content agency of record and digital strategist.


improvement in website visits, 2019 to 2021


increase in ranked search terms, 2019 to 2021

Project Highlights

  • Increased the number of keywords appearing on page 1 or 2 search results.
  • Increased the number of featured snippets for WIKA content from 44 to 122 in one year.
  • Increased blog pageviews 84%, 11.7K visitors in Jan 2020 to 21.5K visitors in Jan 2021.
  • Rewritten 40 pages of content per year on the website to address content gaps and brand needs.
  • Delivered 50 blog articles per year.

A Strategic Partner 

EVG works closely with our WIKA colleagues to develop content that establishes WIKA as an authority in their industry, thereby driving more intentional, qualified traffic to their website and blog. EVG has tapped into our knowledge of SEO best practices to develop and implement a series of tactics to execute the strategy. These include actively:

These include actively:

  • Publishing blog articles, 400 between 2012 and 2021, optimized to rank well and drive traffic.
  • Re-optimizing content that ranks #4-20 to improve its placement in SERPs.
  • Shifting the keyword strategy to longer-tail, higher-converting keywords.
  • Identifying and rewriting website pages with high bounce rates to better meet user expectations.
  • Instituting an internal linking. strategy that drives traffic to high-value main pages.
  • Identifying and correcting errors noted by Google Search Console, such as duplicate homepages.

The Results

EVG’s approach has resulted in significantly increased year-over-year website and blog metrics. Additionally, Google continues to recognize the content EVG writes for WIKA as authoritative and trustworthy, which is why WIKA now has 122 featured snippets (up from 44 at the end of 2019). The featured snippets as a whole are responsible for driving an additional 4,666 visitors to the website each month.

Signals of Success

  • 60% gain in overall pageviews, 2019 to 2021
  • 84% blog traffic growth, 2019 to 2021
  • Featured snippet placement improved from 44 to 122, 2019-2021
  • WIKA ranks on page 1 for 92 of 147 high-value search terms and on page 2 for 30 other high-value search terms

Keeping Pace with a Changing SEO Landscape

EVG’s work has not been limited to search terms and content. As WIKA’s strategic partner, the EVG team also:

  • Shares quarterly reports to document key metrics and outline tactics to improve.
  • Tracks high-priority keywords against 44 industry competitors across 8 sectors every quarter.
  • Developed and maintains a sitewide keyword map to ensure content exists for each priority keyword.
  • Recommended new and nuanced strategies to address Google’s emphasis on mobile.
  • Instituted a new Google Ads strategy designed to decrease cost-per-click rates.
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