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Real test labs. Real people. Real awards.

We believe in science as a guiding principle in our work as product reviewers. Too often, product reviewers can get trapped in their own biases or base their conclusions on non-standardized testing. That’s why we have a team of knowledgeable experts that award our favorite products with a badge to help consumers identify them easily. The vetting process is tightly controlled by writers and senior editors to ensure that our awards are limited to only products we truly love.

Award Licensing

License content, accolades and published assets to promote your company or product.

Leverage positive editorial coverage with content licensing. EVGMedia will tailor licensing packages to suit your marketing needs. Sample uses include:

  • Owned and operated media, including your brand website and social media platforms
  • Paid Media, including digital and print media, paid social, and OOH In-Store Displays
  • Product Packaging, Trade Shows & Events, Corporate Presentations, Reports and Newsletters
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Print or electronic reprints of original editorial coverage featuring your company, product, service or industry.

Reprints are produced in hard copy and are perfect for mailings, trade shows and POP displays.

E-prints (or PDF-formatted digital reprints) are hosted on your site and are authorized for posting and distribution.

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Product Packaging

Plaques, Posters, Banners, Framed Prints, Desktop Awards, Trophies and Counter Cards are eye popping in high traffic areas, showrooms, trade show exhibits and POP displays. Apparel, leather portfolios and other products are great gifts to commemorate awards and special achievements internally.

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Use of Articles in Print Media, Photographs and Artwork, Linking to the web site, and sections or articles.

It’s possible to leverage articles in electronic formats by first obtaining permission to do so. Email your request to the team. The request will be processed when all the required information has been received and a permission license will be issued to you upon payment of the required fee.

The following information is required in order to process your permission request:

  • Title of the article.
  • List the URL where the article/review is located.
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