A Cool Conference for European Content Marketers

I confess. I spend a lot of time explaining how effective digital communication can be. And I’m a sucker for Twitter and other social media. But there’s one form of communication that trumps all of this.

Meeting like-minded people in a relaxed, creative and collaborative environment.

That’s why I’m so excited to be running a workshop at the 2014 Content Marketing Conference Europe by Fusion Marketing Experience. It will be

Antwerp Content Marketing Conference 2014
Antwerp, Belgium will be the site of this year’s Content Marketing Conference Europe.

held in Antwerp on June 10th, 2014.

I first attended this conference in 2011, when the company’s founder J-P De Clerck invited industry leaders like Olivier Blanchard (not the IMF’s chief economist but the “Brand Builder”) and Brian Solis to speak about the content revolution.

The atmosphere back then was refreshingly relaxed. And the format, which encompassed keynote speeches, workshops and networking time, offered multiple opportunities to meet and chat with other people passionate about learning how best to serve customers online. Which, of course, is what content marketing is all about.

Looking at the conference program for 2014, I anticipate the same two key aspects will be present:

  • The best thinkers and content marketing specialists in Europe, with speakers including Jay Baer (Convince & Convert), Lee Odden (TopRank Online Marketing) and Doug Kessler (Velocity Partners).
  • A format that encourages collaboration and creativity among all participants, allowing everyone to participate in insightful conversations and debates.

In conjunction with Gianfranco Cuzziol, I’ll be running a workshop about data-driven content marketing and multicultural content marketing strategies for global brands.

I’ll save you a seat. All you have to do is register now and jump on a plane to Antwerp on June 10th.

Eric Ingrand – VP Content Marketing EMEA


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