A Peek Inside EVG’s People Center

Extended Network of Writers and Editors

Though the physical locations of EnVeritas Group can be found in Greenville, SC and London, the office network extends around the globe. From coffee shops in Australia to home offices in Vancouver, EVG’s freelance writers and editors create quality content for a variety of topics and languages.

Enveritas Group People Center

During a recent meeting, my colleague Suzanne Youngblood shared some details about the growth of People Center, the hub for EVG contractors. At last count, more than 1100 writers, editors, translators and project managers were approved and ready for work. And trust me when I say that this wasn’t the easiest task to accomplish.

Every applicant goes through a multi-step vetting process, which includes submitting a resume, writing samples and completing writing and editing tests. We consider a variety of factors—experience, talent, areas of expertise, language fluency—when choosing the best of the best. A stringent selection process allows us to build the most effective teams for our clients, armed with the essential skills to meet objectives and exceed expectations.

I spent some time in People Center recently and was impressed by the variety of contractors available. Beyond our travel and hospitality roots, EVG now offers contractors specializing in such areas as manufacturing, legal, financial, education, medical and technical writing.


Because we’ve been talking a lot lately about international and multicultural content, I wasn’t surprised by the array of language specialties. Here’s a peek at the top ten:

  • Dutch
  • English (both American and British)
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

The linguistic diversity of our contractor base allows us to offer authentic content in a native language or reliable translations, depending on your needs. This isn’t a Babelfish operation.

But another detail that Suzanne was very keen to emphasize is that beyond the talented writers, EVG has cultivated an exceptional group of editors. This skilled team ensures that the finished product is publication ready and exceeds each client’s expectations.

Of course, there’s always room for more in the EVG family. As our clientele increases, we look to extend our core network to 2,000 and beyond. If you have a knack for project management or are seeking a freelance writing or editing job, then stop by the Careers section and see if EVG is a good fit for you!

Harvin BedenbaughWriter & Editor

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