Qualities of Good Leadership

Think of a really great leader that you’ve known. Got it? Now think, what made them so great? What were they like? What are the qualities they possessed that stood out to you?

One of the best leaders I knew was my boss, a quiet, humble man named Tom. What made him so great? It wasn’t his presence or great speeches or big “wins.” The reason he was such a great leader was that he empowered and mentored people.

When I entered the workforce full-time at 22, I was shy and timid. I lacked confidence and experience. But Tom saw potential in me and slowly pushed me to learn more, take on more tasks, lead meetings, give answers without consulting him. All of that helped me grow, and a big part of growth is confidence building.

Mentoring Others

A huge component of being a good leader is being a mentor, helping others rise up and take on bigger challenges. Seeing others succeed because of what you invested in them is one of the greatest pleasures of leadership. As I grew in my career, I have remembered where I started and have tried to mentor others who are newer to the field. I love training a coworker, watching them practice and learn, and then watching them go fly! It’s the best feeling.

It can certainly be very frustrating when you pour yourself into a person’s development just to see it not work out the way you’d hoped. But our methods of building up and empowering our teams pay off in more than better business. Leadership empowers and encourages, and our leaders know their teams personally.

Determination to Keep Going No Matter What

Our licensing team’s mantra this year is “Relentless Pursuit.” Brian, Matt, and Michael put these words into action every day. As they say, “We don’t give up. When a lead has doubts or a project gets tricky, we keep pursuing the end goal. We just don’t quit. It’s not in our vocabulary.”

Freedom to Fail

Our entire organization has always had the freedom to think creatively, try new things, and fail. Without that freedom to try something uncertain, work would feel stifling. When we mess up, we own it and make it right. But without trying new things, there’s no growth.

Trusting Your Team

This is hard to build and easy to ruin. It can be overlooked because it takes time and effort from everyone involved. But, it’s the key to a successful team. You can’t do it all. You have to trust that your team has your back, and they have to believe that you have theirs. Helping each other on projects, stepping in when a project needs more heads or hands, and not throwing someone under the bus when something goes amiss. I know my boss has my back, as do my colleagues.

Special thanks to our EVG Licensing Team for their help and input into this blog! It truly was a joint effort.

Laura Lee – SEO Director & Account Manager

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