Understanding EVG’s Role as a Content Licensing Agency

You probably see it more often than you realize — a company has won an award and uses a badge or logo to show it off online or in a commercial on television. Or a company may display a specific quote about a product or service to promote it.

When a company does this, it is licensing that content (written or visual) from the company who owns it. This is earned media. (Read more about what content licensing is here).

EnVeritas Group acts as an agent in these licensing agreements between the owner of the content and the one who wants to use it. Here are some examples of content licensing agreements that EVG has managed for our clients:

Award-Winning Credit Cards

EVG acts as a licensing agent for 10 Best, so when Bank of America and Allegiant World Mastercard won two of the USA Today 10 Best Reader’s Choice awards for best credit cards, they entered a licensing agreement with EVG to license the award logo and display it on their own websites and apps.

Bonus Points Offer

NeutrogenaRecognized Products

Neutrogena’s makeup remover wipes were awarded a reader’s choice award by totalbeauty.com. To display that award on their website, they licensed the logo through EVG.

At a German consumer electronics show, IFA, the Razer’s Blade Stealth 13 was recognized as a “Best Gaming Laptop Of IFA 2019.” To show off their award, Razer licensed the logo through us.

Razer Blade -Picture4

Sony’s Master Series A9G OLED was recognized for excellence by Tom’s Guide. In order to take advantage of that review, they licensed the Tom’s Guide star logo and the quote about their product.

Desktop View-Picture5

Rather than describe the Axon 10 Pro smartphone in their own words, ZTE licensed quotes and reviews as well as logos from other experts who had reviewed the phone already. This lends expertise and authority to consumers looking for the best product.

Choose smart -Picture6

These are just a few examples of how EVG has helped our clients manage their content licensing needs, whether you’re a business with content to license or you want to license content from another source. We have 18 years experience in licensing and look forward to answering your questions! Contact us today.

Laura Lee – SEO Director & Account Manager

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