4 Ways to Enhance Business Leads on Facebook

Keyboard keys Hot keys for facebookSocial media has become an essential marketing tool for brand recognition. Because Facebook is the most popular social media platform in terms of total followers, it can be very effective in increasing business leads. Businesses can use Facebook to their advantage by making it a profitable marketing medium.  Although this may seem relatively simple, many businesses today are not utilizing Facebook correctly, and are missing out on this success.

Here are four strategies to increase leads via Facebook posts.

 1. Boosting Important Posts

One important factor that affects whether your Facebook posts find an audience is its reach. Boosting important posts can help your posts reach a much larger audience than they would organically.  A boosted post is a post from your business page that, for a fee, will appear higher up in your audience’s News Feeds. The fee depends on how many people you want the post to reach, as well as the number of impressions the post receives in a given time period.

Boosting is a great way to enhance business leads via your Facebook posts because organic posts just aren’t achieving the same reach. With organic reach, you’ll be lucky if 5% of your following sees your post. Boosting posts can help them reach your audience more effectively.

Boosting is beneficial for business leads because it—

  • Increases business by bringing people to your site with posts that link to specific website pages.
  • Allows you to reach a greater audience through important product or service announcements.
  • Expands your customer pool by leveraging new audiences.

2. Crafting Exclusive Promotions & Discounts

Another important thing to note is how to encourage direct purchases from your business page’s posts. In order to obtain the direct purchasing benefits from a Facebook post, you must carefully construct posts that direct followers to specific promotions and products on your website.

By following these four guidelines for generating direct purchases, your business can drastically increase its brand recognition on Facebook:

  • Promote only the most popular products or services that your audience is interested in. You can gain insight into this by checking out traffic patterns on your website, social media sharing, etc.
  • Create link posts that include special discount codes that viewers can use at the checkout stage of their online purchase.
  • Enforce the urgency of purchase by adding a time prompt, such as “Free shipping on all purchases, this week only!”
  • Generate year-end contests and giveaways to boost interest and sales. This is also important for driving customer loyalty.

3. Reviewing Your Posts’ Performance

Once you’ve got the first two tactics down, you’ll need to be regularly reviewing your posts’ performance. This is a critical part of gaining business leads because it provides you with a better understanding of who your most-engaged audience is. From here you can then adjust your approach to be most effective.

To review your post performance, you can check your page insights. This will point out post engagement, such as the number of people your posts were shown to, as well as the number of likes, comments and shares it’s received. The Page Insights tab will also show information about the type of people who like your page. It presents a charted spread that includes demographics such as genders, ages, friends, and locations.

By regularly checking your page insights, you will learn more about the “when, where and who” of your audiences’ engagement habits. Then, with that information in hand, you can polish up your posts to target them more directly.

4. Monitoring & Responding to Comments

Stay involved with your audience by monitoring and responding to comments. This ensures customer loyalty, corporate image and overall reputation within your audience. When viewers react to your posts, they can indicate that they like the post or like the comment of another fan. They can also jump into a conversation and share their impressions by commenting. While not all comments are positive, it’s very important to stay involved in the conversations that you start, as well as those that your audience starts.

Good rules of thumb when monitoring and responding to comments:

  • Show your audience that you’re listening! Some people just want to be heard, and by acknowledging comments, you are notifying them of that quickly and easily.
  • Don’t dismiss negative comments. Although some people will complain just to complain, it’s important to respond with the utmost respect and enthusiasm, but still remain professional and not let it affect you.
  • Recognize trends in feedback and conversation. If it’s apparent that the majority of comments are negative, then you should go back and review your post. If this were the case, you could repost a couple of days later with any necessary changes, making your audience feel recognized and appreciated.

By taking these four steps into consideration, you can make your Facebook pages prominent in the eyes of your audience.  All of these tips for success can further connect you with your audience in a positive way for both sides of the social media network.

Joseph BuonopaneContent Creator

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