5 Effective Tips for Focused Startup Marketing

With the resources available today, it isn’t difficult to envision the possibility of your own business. Maybe you already have your own startup, or you’re thinking of joining the bandwagon. Either way, these tips apply to you.

Remember that a startup isn’t always about your entrepreneurial dreams or perfect product, but rather it’s about customer reach and goal orientation. More than often startups indulge in excessive planning and product analysis when they should really be thinking about customers and success stories. But one of the most important factors in effective marketing is realizing what your goals are. It could range from building credibility to increasing brand awareness. Goals change and evolve with the passage of time, and as your company grows you’ll get to see those goals accomplished and get to set new goals.

This will all make more sense after we dive into these startup tips and take a closer look:

1. Narrow down your goals

Before you jump into any decision-making, be careful to set realistic and measurable goals. I’ve seen far too many startups get excited about too many things and excel at too few. Their approach is unfocused and scattered. When there is no goal or priority clearly set, then the chances of running a smooth startup seem bleak. Regardless of what your niche is, you have to ask yourself this question: What is my goal right now?

This question will help you with effective marketing because it addresses keywords goal and now. I believe these are relevant things to keep in mind because startups are bound to change over time. Just because you start off with one goal, it doesn’t mean it’ll stay the same throughout the next year. For instance, in the beginning you might be concerned about gaining customers or users, so your plans and campaign will be focused on that particular objective. But what happens once you’ve achieved the set goal? You move on to the next goal! You could progress to brand awareness and customer feedback, for instance.

If you want effective marketing, then learn to narrow down your goals in according to what is needed at that specific time. Less is better for now.

2. Be there or be square

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Tap into the magical land of social media. Put your startup out there, everywhere! Be present and consistent in updating your company’s profile.

I think it makes the marketing experience even more worthwhile when you interact with customers. This helps you connect with them and adds to your feedback and improvement strategies for the business. Talk about what your startup is doing these days, introduce your team and promote your product/services.

3. Stop obsessing over your product

Sure, your product and services might be great, but what’s even better is letting the customer know what it does for them. Shift your attachment away from the product and toward the customers.

Instead of bragging about the product features, you could talk about how it serves the customer. Your customer should be in the spotlight. Their needs and concerns should be addressed while the product is merely a backstage prop. Here is a good example of it.

4. Customer Competition

Win it! Startups are competing with each other to conquer niches better than each other. I think that knowing your customer is winning half the battle. Every business is out there to get each other, to outshine another. But this takes attention to detail and constant vigilance over your customers.

If you follow the points above, you’ll be able to prioritize and understand your customers through social media and focused goals. You should grab any chance you get to listen to the whims and wills of customers. Once you understand customers, you will be able to fulfill their demands.

5. Statistics NOT Services

Here we go again. Don’t brag about your services. Instead, highlight results and statistics of your success. This communicates authenticity, so it’s okay to stray from your services.

I think adding a few success stories could draw them in and convince them to buy or try your services. So don’t be afraid to mention a few numbers and names!

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Moosa HemaniInbound Marketing Governor at setalks.com

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