8 Reasons Why Business Majors Make Great Content Marketers

????????????????????????????????????????????With graduation looming on the horizon for senior business majors, many are still frantically looking for a place to land in the workforce. The most common positions in which business majors seek employment include titles like manager, analyst, or consultant. The problem is that these roles fill up extremely fast and are highly competitive due to demand.

Never fear, there are other excellent options available. There are plenty of other great jobs that are tailored to a business major’s skill set. Content Marketing is one of these. Here are eight reasons why business majors make great content marketers.

1. Higher Education

Higher education is a must have in the content marketing world, and employers understand that business majors fit that description. College enhances the ability to think outside the box and be open-minded. Content marketing is about storytelling, so those college experiences are an integral part of a business major’s qualifications.

2. A Powerful Personal Brand

Having a powerful personal brand is something business majors are taught from day one. In the content marketing field, it is important to stand out. If you do not stand out as a personal brand, then it is very unlikely your work will stand out. Business majors have been taught to develop this unique skill of marketing themselves. In the world of content marketing, practice in branding can be an extremely powerful asset.

3. Communication Skills

Communication is a major component of content marketing. If you can’t communicate clearly, any project you’re working on will become worthless. Businesses are communication driven, so most business majors are highly trained to have excellent communication skills. Such skills include the following: good eye contact, enthusiasm, preparation, body language, active listening, articulate language and a smile.

4. Business Background

As a business major, you understand what the clients want out of a content marketer. Business majors use this knowledge to help them prepare and produce the best possible product for their clients. These skills will help clients figure out things they did not even know they needed or could do.

5. Organizational Skills

Organization is a critical skill in the business world. It’s even more important for content marketing teams, where organization comes into play for ideation, content creation, distribution and more. Business majors tend to excel in this area, making them highly sought after in many content marketing companies.

6. Project Management

Content marketing companies are having a tough time finding qualified applicants for their project manager positions. This is because most people who gravitate to the content marketing field do not have the correct skill set for these positions. However, business majors are the perfect fit for these types of roles because of their unique ability to take control of a group of people and get the most out of everyone.

7. Understanding the Big Picture

Understanding the big picture is vital to being successful in the content marketing world. You have to consider who your audience is and why they would be reading your content in order to produce the best possible product. As business majors, you have been trained and retrained to know the importance of understanding the users and purposes of a product or service.

8. Professionalism

At the end of the day, content marketing means dealing with a variety of people, and it is important to always act professionally no matter what the situation may be. Business majors understand that even when you do your job perfectly, not everyone is going to be happy or accepting of your work. You still must act and respond in a professional manner. These types of personal skills will help you improve and grow in a content marketing environment.

In the midst of graduation plans, graduating business majors should take a serious look at a job in content marketing. Business majors need jobs, and content marketing needs qualified individuals to fill applications. I strongly believe more business students will find jobs with content marketing agencies over the next five years.

Patrick GoldsteinContent Creator

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