A Look at Search Trends in Summer 2020

As EVG’s Director of SEO, it’s always interesting to me to look at what’s trending in Google search queries on any given day. But tracking search trends this year has been giving me a real case of whiplash. From COVID-19 to civil protests, each day brings something new affecting how we search.

At EVG, we work with clients in a number of different industries: staffing, hospitality, industrial equipment and technology, education, health and wellness to name just a few. So I decided to take a look at what’s trending in some of these spaces this summer. I used Google Trends to analyze the data. Here’s what I found.


You don’t need me to tell you hiring is weird right now. While some industries are booming, others are experiencing layoffs. Within the past 30 days in the United States, these terms have been on the rise:

  • Retail jobs near me (+110%)
  • Receptionist jobs near me (+80%)
  • Second interview questions (+70%)
  • Careers at Target and Publix (+ about 50%)
  • Police officer qualifications (+100%)
  • Teaching assistant resume (+2500%)
  • What to include in a cover letter (+200%)

With millions of people out of work, searchers appear eager to dust off their résumés and brush up on writing cover letters, while others may be thinking about a change in career. Content that speaks to either of these needs could be helpful additions to your site.

Hospitality & Travel

Travel has all but stopped and the rest of 2020 isn’t looking very promising. Maybe that’s why the search query “Fun things to do near me” is up 200%. While a number of people are looking for nearby zoos (+ about 150%), others are looking to the shore for relaxation and fun. Rising trends in hospitality and travel-related search include:

  • Indiana Dunes Beach (+750%)
  • What to do in Myrtle Beach (+200%)
  • Florida travel restrictions (“Breakout” search with a very high increase)
  • Travel to Hawaii (+2900%)
  • Can Americans travel to Italy (+2750%)
  • Travel to Spain from USA (+2450%)
  • Alaska travel restrictions covid (250%)
  • Best beaches near me (+300%)

Whether it’s a quick beach getaway, a staycation, or a European tour, Americans are ready for a break.


Like me, all parents are wondering the same thing about school this fall: what will it look like? And let’s not forget our spring experiment with parents becoming their kids’ teachers for several months! That may be why so many have turned to online resources for help, and why they’re hunting for fall semester options. So this is what we’re Googling:

  • Homeschool groups near me (+4500%)
  • Classical conversations connected (+4150%)
  • Home school options (+450%)
  • First grade sight words (+160%)
  • Montessori education (+140)
  • Private preschool near me (+140%)
  • Summer school (110%)
  • Virginia schools reopening (+400%)
  • CDC school guidelines fall 2020 (+500%)
  • Is school going to open in the fall (+160%)
  • How to teach a child to read (+90%)

You can see the searches run the gamut from those trying to teach their own children, those eager for school information for the fall, and those considering alternative education plans. Here’s hoping we get more information soon!

Health & Wellness

Since quarantine began back in March, I’ve noticed the normally empty streets of my neighborhood are busy with kids riding their bikes, neighbors walking their pets multiple times a day, and joggers & walkers out for longer periods of time. Anecdotally, I’ve noticed our local sports stores have sold most of their outdoor exercise equipment. There isn’t a bike to be found! With fitness on our minds, and our schedules, it’s no surprise I’m seeing searches for:

  • 24-hour fitness gyms closing (Breakout!)
  • LA fitness reopening (+350%)
  • Zero point foods (related to Weight Watchers) (+200%)
  • Low cholesterol foods (+200%)
  • Bike rental near me (+140%)
  • The mirror exercise (+850%)
  • Sun poisoning (+300%)
  • Sunburn relief (+200%)
  • Is wearing a mask healthy (+350%)
  • Healthy summer recipes (+170%)

Whether it’s getting back to the gym, starting a running plan, finding a bike trail, or just spending time in the sun, searchers appear to be hoping to make the most of summer.

On a much more general note, the top trending searches in the U.S. for the past month are more in line with current news. Trends in search include:

  • George Floyd
  • Antifa
  • Juneteenth
  • SpaceX
  • Breonna Taylor
  • Minneapolis
  • Father’s Day
  • PS5

While it’s interesting to see what’s trending, practically speaking, there’s a more significant reason to check trends. It can help you plan your content calendar more effectively. Change the date range to the next season (fall, in this case) from the previous year (2019), and see what trends you might see in the next few months. You’ll be able to better prepare for your users’ needs (back to school, fall recipes, Halloween, etc) than if you wait until it’s actually time to create the content. By the time you do the research, write, edit, and publish, your content is probably going to miss its optimal audience.

If you need expert help planning and preparing content, that’s our specialty! Send us a message and request a consultation to learn how EVG’s team can help you build your audience.

Laura Lee – SEO Director and Account Manager

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