A Solutions Agency

At EVG, designing custom solutions is at the heart of what we do. We don’t sell clients a fixed package deal. What works for one company in one industry might not be what’s best for you, and we recognize that. So we listen to your concerns, your challenges, and we craft custom solutions that will work for your business in your industry in your geographical location.

Whether it’s planning marketing materials and a conference display, connecting a Facebook business page to an Instagram account, or creating and executing a plan for global-scale content migration, we make it happen. We go above and beyond for our clients to earn their trust and their business. What really sets us apart though, is that, for whatever content needs you have that are out of the scope of the original project, we’ll bring you solutions instead of saying “no.”

What It Means to Say “Yes, and here’s how.”

While other agencies strictly stick to the established and signed Statement of Work (SOW), we know that solutions are rarely linear. Now, we stick to the SOW, too, of course—after all, it is a signed agreement, and we honor that—but we aren’t afraid to be flexible when a client’s needs change. If the challenge changes, the solution should, too. We won’t just tell you “no” because it is outside the scope of the SOW; we’ll say, “Yes, and here’s how.”

Our award-winning team will create a strategy, calculate the cost and present you with a realistic plan to make it happen. The flexibility provided by our international network of freelance writers, translators and editors allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to your content needs as they arise, and our Project and Account Managers work their magic to bring you real solutions instead of excuses.

Examples of Out-of-Scope Work

Here are some other examples from our Account Managers and Project Managers of recent work we’ve done for our clients to ensure their success and happiness:

  • Creating an internal employee handbook
  • Creating a PowerPoint slide deck for a senior executive officer’s national conference presentation
  • Writing an abstract for a company’s latest white paper
  • Developing trivia questions for an event the company sponsored
  • Developing a set of panel questions for an event the company is hosting
  • Adjusting as needed for unforeseen project changes/issues, especially in website redesign/migration projects
  • Researching local ordinances to help business owners with administration and start-up issues
  • Being available outside of regular business hours if/when needed, e.g. for meetings with Asia Pacific clients on the other side of the globe

The best way to cope with out-of-scope challenges is to take advantage of our retainer model. Rather than signing a new SOW with each marketing challenge, you can pay a set monthly amount and let us tackle whatever comes your way. You only pay for the number of credits or hours you need, and we use that time wisely to make the most of your budget and your brand.

Solution Mindset

More than anything else, it’s this solution-focused approach to marketing that attracts clients to EVG and keeps them around. The way we make and keep our clients happy is pretty straightforward:

We listen.

And not the kind of listening where we’re already planning what we’re going to say next. We engage in active listening, absorbing what you say, asking clarifying questions, reading between the lines to get to the root of your challenges and adjusting everything in real-time to be responsive to your needs.

We work with your budget.

We’re not miracle workers and we’re not a charity, but we also won’t upsell you on things you don’t need or take advantage of your trust in us as the experts in our field. If you ask us if we can do something, we’ll shoot straight with you. If it’s within our power, we’ll find a way, determine the cost and let you know what we can do for you.

We’re personal.

At EVG, we build lasting relationships with our clients. While other agencies may wait for an end-of-month official meeting to report progress or discuss new challenges, we’re happy to share both successes and challenges as they happen. Plus, we want to know about more than your company. We want to get to know your team personally and build more than a B2B relationship.

We’re responsive.

As you’ve gathered, we want to focus on what works. If something isn’t working for you, we quickly adjust. If what we do works but can be improved, let’s make it happen. If it works great, awesome! Keep doing that! And if something new comes up, we don’t want you to hesitate to reach out to us so we can address it together.

If you have a problem you’d like EVG to help you solve, let us know! We’re up for the challenge.

Brice Bay – CEO

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