10 Signs You’re a Content Marketing Nerd

Content Marketing Nerd
Aubrae Wagner – COO EnVeritas Group

Let’s just admit it—we in the content marketing world, and EnVeritas Group is no exception – think we’re cool because we were doing content marketing before we even knew we were doing it. We’re like hipsters who wore bell bottoms before flared pants (which we all know is just another name for bell bottoms) came back in style. When content marketing suddenly became today’s hot buzzword, we suddenly found our bell bottom-wearing selves riding atop a popular wave of “radical” thinking about marketing.

But amidst all of this buzz, is there a chance that we aren’t as cool as we think we are? Could we actually be considered nerds? I mean, think about it. There are people out there—normal people like your spouse, your dentist, your tax accountant, you get the idea—who have no idea who Matt Cutts is and don’t care, have never heard of brand publishing and never want to and who give you the stink eye if you ask them to name a favorite example of brand storytelling.

Although I’m not sure I want to admit it, I think we’ve probably just about achieved The Big Bang Theory status with our nerdiness.  Lest I leap to conclusions, decide for yourself if any of these 10 indicators of content marketing super-nerd-status apply to you!

1. Content Marketing World is to you what Comic-Con is to Cosplay Fans.

You’re first in line clamoring for your money to attend  when the annual budget is set. I mean, it is inCleveland. But the brilliance of the location doesn’t deter you. You are there, baby!

2. You know Rand Fishkin isn’t the name of a Norwegian fishing boat.

You follow Fishkin’s posts. You quote him every chance you get in meetings and with clients, taking all the credit for his brilliance. Come on, you know you do!

3. You think head-to-toe orange outfits are haute couture.

Yes, I’m talking about that outfit—the brilliantly orange ensemble worn by our favorite charismatic content evangelist. You envy it, and you want one. Don’t pretend otherwise. It’s safe; you’re among friends.

Joe Pulizzi Shoes

4. You dream of the day a marketing image or video goes viral.

If your teenager came home and said he qualified for the Olympic team, or your husband surprised you with a two-week cruise to the Bahamas or you got a raise at work (ok, maybe I’m pushing it), you’re all “meh” in comparison to how you’d react if one of your images went wildly viral and broke Twitter, Ellen style. Admit it. You are indeed that much of a content marketing dweeb (which decade are we in?).

5. You have a homing beacon for fellow CMN’s (content marketing nerds).

At a cocktail party, you latch on to the only other marketing person in the room, and the two of you can be seen talking and wildly gesticulating. Others get excited and gravitate toward you, wondering what’s so interesting. After two minutes, they disappointedly drift away because they keep hearing words like infographics, newsjacking, brand journalism and native ads.

6. You print out Google Analytics stats for beach reading.

In this outcomes-are-everything-world we inhabit, you know it’s all in the numbers: The sacred Google numbers. The proof that you and the content marketing campaigns you birth and raise from toddlerhood to adulthood are what’s keeping your company from crashing against the rocks. You just need more time with your stats to prove it.

7. You smirk at people who spell utility with a “u.”

Spelling it with a “u” is so old school. It’s all about the “you” these days. Are there still scoffers out there? Ask Jay Baer, he wrote the book.

8. You tremble and reach for caffeine when Matt Cutts makes an announcement.

For most “normal people,” the name Matt Cutts means absolutely nothing. For content marketing nerds, our ears perk up when we hear the name. We google this Googler multiple times a week. It probably can’t be considered stalking. Yet.

9. You know Moz isn’t a childbirth class.

Non-nerds hear “Moz” and wonder if you’re having a baby and talking about Lamaze classes. Content marketing nerdsters know that Moz is a great source of information and leadership in the content marketing world.

10. You know Pearl Awards have to be earned.

Most folks think you were talking about a necklace, but you know better. You admire The Content Council’s work to push our industry forward and to honor excellence in content marketing.

So, how many did you get? Ten out of ten? You’re a big nerd! But let me add the 11th and truest indicator of CMN status—you love what you do and wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Yep, that’s a true statement. Those of us who are creative, interpret stats, tell stories, provide quality content and evangelize about our world recognize that what we do helps people, sells stuff, keeps others employed and overall makes for a better world and a happier self!

We’ve got a team full of content marketing nerds! Find out who we are. Click here

Aubrae WagnerChief Operations Officer

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