Benefits of a Business Blog in 2024

In 2024, it seems like every business has a blog that’s churning out content. Adding another complication into the mix, the rise of AI in 2023 injected a wash of mediocre long-form content into the ocean of results coming at searchers. Google’s latest efforts to prioritize quality, authentic content should help experts like you rank, but let’s be honest, it’s really difficult to show up consistently and noticeably on the SERPs. So the question becomes, is running a business blog even worth it for your company?

What Unique Benefit Does a Blog Offer Your Company?

Reality check. Unless you’re in a very niche business field, a company blog can’t be the only pillar in your content marketing strategy. You’ll need to get the attention of your audience on a wider front, including ads, social media, and a great website—perhaps with videos, case studies, and even downloadable content.

But here’s the thing. Once you do attract potential customers to your site or your socials, what if they like the cut of your jib, but they don’t need your services at the moment? What if they want to know more before talking to you in person or handing you their contact info in exchange for your downloadable guides? To say it plainly, you’ve snagged a fish, but the hook isn’t set. Should you just let them swim off into the internet ocean and hope they’ll bite again?

Definitely not! You need to give them a reason to stay with you, and that’s where a blog can truly shine. Unlike brief marketing ads, the flyby messages of Instagram and X, or the peer-to-peer discussions on LinkedIn, your business blog is where you can really talk to customers at length. You can exhibit your expertise, show them you’re staying on top of your field’s game, give them actionable information, and by the wayside communicate the character of your organization—your integrity, the way you think and work, the successes you’ve already had. Isn’t this what you’d want to know about your business partners?

Blog Benefits by Performance

So theoretically, a business blog is worth it. But let’s look at the numbers as well. To start with, Hubspot reports that long-form postings like blog articles still lead the content marketing pack in gaining audience engagement. DemandMetric agrees, reporting that 80% of people like to learn about companies through custom content and 70% of people prefer to learn about a company through articles rather than ads.

Not only that, but business blogging performance stats show this interest has measurable results in customer behavior. Hubspot ranks website/blog/SEO third in their list of effective lead generation content, right behind short-form videos and influencer marketing. Content marketers surveyed by Semrush concur, with 55% placing articles and blogs in their top-performing categories.

Another, less obvious benefit? BKA Content reports that maintaining an active company blog gets a business site 434% more indexed pages and 97% more backlinks than companies who don’t blog—an important metric for increasing your overall site’s ranking in Google SERPs. This pattern holds partly because long-form content offers more of value to link back to and partly because blogs stick around longer than Instagram posts or LinkedIn discussions. 

In fact, the long shelf life of a blog is another point in its favor; a great article can sometimes be a site traffic driver for years. Let’s take a look at one of EVG Media’s own clients. In our partnership with manufacturing company WIKA, we write one blog a week aimed at WIKA’s B2B clients. The results? Great leads worth tens of thousands of dollars–all from blogs that hit the right customers, with the right information, at the right time. In fact, one blog we wrote in 2019 still ranks for 537 keywords and brings in around 2,000 visits per month. And that’s just from Google! 

Bottom line? Business blogging can raise the tide for your whole marketing boat. So when the Content Marketing Institute’s 2024 survey reports that 79% of B2B marketers use blogs in their content marketing arsenal, you can understand why.

Markers a Good Company Blog Should Hit

Clearly, an effective business blog can deliver definable gains to your company. But what does “effective” entail? Ah, there’s the rub. Because you can’t just slap anything up there and hope for the best. Or (horrors), use AI to churn out dubious content that—at best—is just like everyone else’s.

We’ll be back with more extended thoughts on how to do company blogging right. But for a quick preview, here are a few tips every good business blog should follow.

  1.       Define your audience clearly.
  2.       Answer the questions your audience needs answered.
  3.       Post consistently (at least every two weeks).
  4.       Post a variety of content formats (video, infographics, case studies, etc.)
  5.       Create excellent SEO.

If you’re struggling for direction, we’d love to help you! At EVG Media, we’ve got more than 20 years of content marketing under our belts. Contact us if you need help starting a company blog or making yours all it can be.

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