Mining for Gold: 3 Companies Who Have Hit the Content Marketing Jackpot

content marketing and social mediaMuch like your company’s general marketing strategy, new ideas, new clients and new technological advancements bring changes to your content marketing strategy. Not only do your clients want to see their favorite business offering their go-to products on a regular basis, but clients also want to see you involved on social media, blogging regularly and posting anywhere that shows that you want to connect to them on a personal level. Here are a few companies who, without a doubt, have strong content marketing strategies and are always creating new content.

Emily Ley

Emily Ley followers can relate on one thing: if we ever met her or her co-workers, we would trust them immediately. Why would anyone want to trust a total stranger? When a company like Emily Ley makes their business as transparent as possible to ensure your trust, wouldn’t you? This transparency appears front and center on the company’s home page, FAQs, Facebook updates and blog posts.

On top of keeping their loyal fans up-to-date on the latest products, Emily Ley is all over social media. Not only is she selling planning and organization products for a wide range of women, but there’s also a story that comes along with being a customer or a fan of her brand name. If you’re an active follower of this company, you’ll likely find new, fun and engaging content available to you on social media, blogs and elsewhere on a daily basis. Social media and blogging play significant roles in helping Emily Ley deliver its brand story to its thousands of Facebook fans and Instagram followers.

Social media success like this is difficult without a plan in place to manage it all. If you’re in the market for a way of keeping your company’s social media organized and consistent, try out Hootsuite. Keeping all the various platforms involved in your social media strategy organized is no easy feat, but various websites and tools can help you manage your accounts and keep posting on schedule.


Anthropologieanthropologie content marketing goes beyond just keeping their customers up-to-date on the latest products and store trends. The company’s blog has found numerous ways to get customers involved by creating great content and then posting and engaging on social media. Anthropologie’s target audience is creative, down-to-earth, trendy woman (otherwise known as the “Anthropologie Woman”) when it comes to home goods, clothing and accessories.

In order to appeal to the interests of this audience, the company plans contests and content promotions. One way they’ve done this successfully is with Instagram, which allows them to take advantage of an already engaged fan base (with 1.2 million followers).

For example, during the holiday season, Anthropologie’s blog featured the #DearAnthro Holiday Giveaway. The giveaway allowed their customers the opportunity to get creative with social media. It asked them to visit the blog daily and then create a wish list and post it on Instagram or Twitter. Winners were then selected, and they received the items they had listed in their wish list. This tactic was well-planned and well-orchestrated, and it allowed the company’s fans to get involved themselves and be a part of the brand’s messaging.

How to manage it all? Keep contests, blog posts, website changes, etc. all straight with DivvyHQ to ensure your clients get the consistency from your company’s outlets. Try it for free to see how their dashboard and management tools can keep your team, website, personal interactions and your blog organized.


You might be tired of hearing about Apple, but the reality is that they’re good at what they do. In the last few years, Apple has developed their brand to tell a story. You know those commercials I’m talking about… The ones that you can relate to based on your own experience or on someone else’s similar experience. Tell a story that makes your clients and customers seek out your marketing and advertising campaigns because they want to share the story you’re telling. Other brands such as Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Nike and GoPro all have that same thing in common: Good storytelling.

Kick your brand storytelling into high gear by checkout some of the latest tools for storytelling. Adobe Creative Cloud is for more than just creating and editing photo content, but for other storytelling aspects. Explore the various desktop apps and a free trial before committing to monthly pay!

A combination of these tactics can really help your brand connect with its audience more effectively. Look at examples of other companies doing these things the right way, and you’ll likely discover some things that just might work for you, or even come up with new, creative ideas along the way.

Emily Peck Content Creator


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