Content that Inspires Us on International Day of Happiness

As an award-winning, global marketing agency, our team of writers, editors, designers, translators and creatives of all kinds know how to create content that traverses boundaries. And nothing can cross boundaries like a smile. It’s an international language that brings us together. We may laugh at different jokes, and our puns may not translate for our neighbors, but we can all see joy in one another. And it’s contagious.

For International Day of Happiness (March 20, 2019), we asked members of our team to reflect on content that brought them joy recently. It could be a book or a billboard, a photo or a podcast, a commercial or a cat video—as long as it’s one of the world’s many types of content. Here’s what we shared, and what we hope brings you a bit of joy as well:

Shawn Daughhetee

Marketing Associate | Greenville, SC, USA

I first discovered We Rate Dogs on Instagram. I don’t remember the first one I saw, but I do remember going back and looking at all the dogs! And then going to their Twitter to look at all the dogs! I just love the dumb vocab they created (like I Can Haz Cheezburger). I love the silly comments they make on the pictures. And I love the doggos. It makes me happy!

Joey Hall

Chief Operating Officer | Greenville, SC, USA

One rainy Saturday afternoon in December, my son started watching this E:60 video about a young football coach named Deland McCullough and his search for his biological parents. The film was edited so well, you really don’t see the denouement coming, and it truly hits you like a hammer when the guy’s story comes together. Such an awesome use of personal narrative and exposition. Made me and my whole family laugh and cry.

Sara Hinson

VP, Content Strategy | Greenville, SC, USA

Brene Brown and her blog bring me joy. A professor and researcher, Brené talks, writes and studies courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. In her recent blog post on leadership and leading from the heart and not from hurt, she writes, “Like all of us, most of the daring, transformational leaders I’ve worked with have overcome hurtful experiences—from childhood illness and painful family histories to violence and trauma. Many are in the middle of deep struggles like marriages that are failing, children in rehab, or health crises. The difference between leading from hurt and leading from heart is not what you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing, it’s what you do with that pain and hurt.”

Laura Lee

Account Manager & SEO Director | Greenville, SC, USA

Kristina Kuzmic’s videos are always fun, but this video about fitted sheets made me laugh out loud because it’s so relatable! I barely have time to fold any laundry at all, much less fitted sheets. I stumbled across it while browsing Facebook recently (while probably three loads of laundry sat unfolded in the laundry basket). Being a mom brings me so much joy, but the amount of clothes, towels, sheets, etc. that a one-year-old and a three-year-old are able to go through in a week is crazy!

Emilie Lefeuvre

Projects Director | Nantes, France

I checked my rarely active Facebook account and found The iRabbit video. It brings me joy because it reminds me of past quiproquos when learning English and gives me a look back to see how far I’ve come.

Paul Michael Garrison

Managing Editor | Greenville, SC, USA

The Dream and Shout music video. Every time. People in period costumes doing modern dance moves—I love that incongruity, and I like parody in general. I have an appreciation for the source material, and to see it interpreted into a humorous and creative format is delightful.

Matt Pace

Licensing Manager | Greenville, SC, USA

Microsoft’s “We all win” commercial, which aired during Superbowl LIII, was a super cool way to show how we can all come together, no matter how different we all are. Microsoft makes adaptive controllers so that all kids can enjoy their games. They showed kids that might otherwise be held back from playing with their peers due to disabilities. It was just so cool to see a product make a difference.

Cody H. Owens

Accounts Manager & Lead Designer | Los Angeles, CA, USA

Watch Reggie Watts’ new special on Netflix. It’s called Spatial. His stand-up set isn’t just about making you laugh. To me, it’s about simply suspending reality and giving you permission to wonder. He’s a masterful performer, and not only does he always makes me laugh, he makes me feel at peace. Plus, his humor is never hurtful, offensive or vulgar, which I believe is a testament to his intent to inspire pure happiness.

And speaking of stand-up comedians, I recently re-read Demetri Martin’s This Is a Book. It’s brilliant. Although I’m a vegan, the My Diet chapter where he pokes fun at all different types of diets really had me laughing out loud. An excerpt: “Finally, last month, I decided to go from ‘Raw Forager’ to ‘Passive Forager.’ Passive forager is when you lie down on the forest floor on your back and then you open your mouth and eat only the things that fall into it.”

Arlene Roth

Writer & Editor | Seattle, WA, USA

I found this parrot video on YouTube about a year ago, and I’ve watched it several times since.

Why does it bring me joy?

  1. Well, obviously, the way Britches (an Indian Ring-neck parrot) says “REALLY?” and then laughs.
  2. Comments mention that he looks like a banana. A talking, laughing banana.
  3. Probably most important, Britches is a rescue parrot. He had a tough babyhood. Thus his belly is bare. Thanks to a parrot-rescue organization, he now has a happy home. Although the feather loss is permanent, he is a joyful, funny, loved bird with a lot of fans. REALLY!

Jill Thomas

Writer & Editor | London, England

This video of a baby girl trying to sing along with her parents. I think it’s lovely how even at that age, babies are so responsive and interactive. It reminds me of my kids when they were little babies, and the “conversations” I used to have with them. (Baby: “Babble babble”. Me: “That’s interesting.” Baby: “Babble babble.” Me: “Oh… What happened next?” Baby: “Babble babble.”)

Another video makes me smile, cry and feel joyful all at once. I’ve never met Ashley, but I certainly hope to someday. My nine-year-old son has a much milder form of the same disease as her, and every time I feel the worry crushing me, I think of Ashley and how she’s not letting this stop her. (Among other things, she worked on the set of Crazy Rich Asians.)

Also, Charlie Mackesy’s illustrations on his Twitter feed. I love how whimsical and insightful they are.

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