Do You Have the Right Website Content?

Is your primary content, your website, in front of the right audience?

Blogging. Email. Newsletters. Owned versus earned media. Social media. Influencers. Paid search versus organic search. Voice search. Personalization. Push notices. Search engine optimization. Conversion rates. The right platform or the wrong audience? Is your website content getting lost in the competing demands of a modern digital strategy?

How Much = Too Much

With the advent of the Internet of Things, even refrigerators, microwaves and televisions are delivering digital content to consumers. Our digital experience is almost never-ending; in 2016, on average, we spent about 10.5 hours consuming digital content every day, according to Nielsen’s Q1 2016 Total Audience Report. A 2016 LinkedIn infographic notes we’re producing 4.6 billion pieces of content every day to feed that voracious appetite!

Writing for the Web, and by extension your website, may seem easy. But in a world producing 2.5 exabytes of content every day (that’s 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data), rising above the competition and puppy video distractions is serious business. Getting your website content noticed in a sea of billions of pieces of content requires expertise.

Can your content team meet the challenge? Do they have the bandwidth to update the website, develop scintillating email messages and craft the perfect newsletter content that actually gets opened, read and drives conversions? Have they had time to update the website to reflect Google’s latest algorithm shifts, including greater emphasis on broad matches and voice search? Are they prioritizing your customers’ mobile experience? Are they speaking the same language as your customers?

Trusted Content Wins

Your audience has grown up with the Internet. It takes sophisticated content strategies to engage their 8-second attention span. They’re seeking brands to trust, brands meeting their needs and answering questions at every stage of their decision journey. It is no longer effective to talk at consumers about what you consider important. You need to be conversing with them, when they initiate the conversation about what they consider important.

Effective website content can’t be copied from viral social media posts. Writing great content shouldn’t be an afterthought or a chore when you have a new product. Developing a holistic content strategy, delivering effective and engaging website content in your brand’s voice, and working within the constraints of your content management system are three specific reasons to partner with EnVeritas Group. Our SEO specialists, strategists and multilingual content writers and editors collaborate with you to turn ideas into powerful website content that drives conversions and action.

The right website content means happier consumers. Your team can focus on what they do best, and the return on your investment will make your C-level team smile. To learn how we can help you achieve all of this, reach out to me at to start the conversation.

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