EVG – Gannett’s Licensing Partner

Best of the Upstate - Greenville News iconFor the past two and a half years, EVG has been the exclusive licensing partner for 10Best by USA Today, and this year, we are the licensing partner for ALL of Gannett publications including USA Today and our local newspaper, The Greenville News. What does this mean?

Gannett Publications’ Licensing

If your restaurant/product/school made a “Top 10” list on 10Best and you wanted to showcase it in an ad or billboard, you would need to license that logo. We manage that process for Gannett! You simply fill out the contact form here and we’ll be in touch with information about the content you want to license. Those badges are a fantastic way to increase local interest in your business.

Or, let’s say that you want to exhibit top news headlines on mugs or t-shirts. When your favorite team wins the World Series or Superbowl, and you know you want to remember that moment. We can make it happen. For all Gannett newspapers and publications, we handle headline merchandise licensing!

Licensing 2

Licensing Content for Android Authority, Newsweek, and More

Licensing 3

For 10 years, our team has managed Android Authority’s licensing agreements. Android Authority writes frequent reviews of products such as headphones, mobile phones, and smart watches. If your product got a great review (“Best Phone of 2021!”) and you wanted to post that review on your own site or use it in an ad, we would help you acquire the rights to license that content!

We also work with  Newsweek, BrandSpark, Golfweek, and more. If your product has been recognized by one of our partners, If you’re new to licensing, we can walk you through the very simple process and ensure compliance to brand standards.

From reprints to merchandise to content/logo/image licensing, we manage the entire process. Here’s what our partners have to say:

Licensing Quote 2




Licensing Quote







Contact us for more information about licensing!

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