EVG’s SEO/SEM Services, Explained

You might have heard of SEO and have a basic understanding of it, but when you’re thinking about your own business needs, all the options and “SEO speak” can be confusing! What do you need for your website, and where do you start?

We understand—it’s a lot to take in. So let us break down what we offer and what each service means.

But first, I want to explain that we view SEO holistically rather than as a single website component. SEO is part of a bigger picture and touches every aspect of your online presence. However, we understand that sometimes, you may only have the budget or the time for one task. And we can accommodate that with the services offered below:

Google ads seen in Google search results.Google Ads (PPC)

You may have noticed that when you do a search on Google, there’s a lot more on the page than just organic search results. Pages are filled with images, local results and maps, featured snippets of articles, Knowledge Graphs, carousels, and plenty of other Google features.

And, of course, ads.

On any page, you may see up to four ads above the other results. These Google ads are managed through Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and have the potential to generate high-quality leads. But to get those ads to target a specific audience who is likely to convert, you need an expert who understands both ad creation and audience targeting. EVG can help you find the right content to speak to your audience, create compelling ads that speak to that audience, and monitor regularly to improve your cost per click and conversion rates.

Our PPC options all include keyword research to ensure we’re targeting the best possible search queries. We include weekly monitoring and account optimizations based on audience engagement to achieve better return on your investment and cost per conversion.

We’ll set up goals to track our progress and monitor all leads that result from your Google ads. Choose a plan that works for you: 3–5 campaigns, 5–10, or customize your own plan. We also offer display ad options to increase your message’s reach, and can incorporate retargeting audiences for both search ads and display ads.

Not sure how many campaigns you need? Not a problem. We can discuss your goals with you and help you decide.

SEO Products and Services

The following SEO services can be customized to suit each client’s needs. We’re happy to help improve or consult on existing websites and strategies, train on best practices, or help clients start from scratch.

URL Changes (Site Migration)

Often, when you undergo major site changes, your site’s URLs will also change. This can happen with a site migration, a change in domain, or a move to HTTPS. It might also happen when you discontinue a product or service or change a category name.  We can help you prepare for those changes by assisting or consulting before and after. If you’ve already made the changes and noticed a drop in traffic, we can help you assess what happened and provide solutions.

Overall SEO Strategy

If SEO is something you’re just now thinking about, you probably need help developing a solid online strategy—one that ensures your website and online presence are all working toward the same goals. We can help, whether your site is brand new, been around a long time, or hasn’t even launched yet. We’ll look at your goals, your current methods, and come up with a strategy to align everything!

SEO Preparation for Product or Site Launch

Starting something new? We can help with making  a checklist and working through it as well as assist in preparation for a product or new website launch. We’ll be sure you take all precautions to avoid a drop in search traffic post-launch, and we’ll monitor your website just to be sure.

SEO Competitive Analysis

If you want to find out how your website compares to your competitors’ sites, we can provide easy-to-understand analysis. We’ll look at your site and theirs to determine who is doing what well, how you can improve, what strategies your competitors are implementing, and which key terms they’re ranking for.

Content Gaps & Recommendations

EVG will map your site’s current content against the keywords you rank for now as well as the ones you want to target. Based on what you realistically hope to rank for, we take note of any content gaps and advise you about what long-tail phrases would be most advantageous to target. Those gaps become content suggestions.

Together with the above tasks, EVG will closely review the current content on your site and make recommendations for the website and/or blog, taking into account your industry, your company size/reach, and the importance of local business. Recommendations might include a mix of producing new content, rewriting content, or simply better optimizing pages for their intended audience.

SEO Audit

Our audits are holistic. We review and report on site speed, URL errors, site navigation, backlinks, user engagement, and other key elements that may affect a site’s value to both users and search engines. With access to your website’s analytics and, ideally, Google Search Console account (we can help set that up!), we can better understand how users, as well as Google, see your website.

We look at the site content to determine if it’s engaging users. We dig deep into the entire website.

We understand that not every client has the time/budget for a full audit. So, if you want a simpler version that focuses on one or two key aspects, we can customize a mini-audit on a per-page or hourly basis. A mini-audit would choose a specific set of pages or a specific metric and report only on that one deliverable. You can control the budget and see only what is most important to you. Note,  however, that a mini-audit won’t account for all the possible issues on a website since only a portion of the site is reviewed.

If you’re curious about any of these services, or anything else that I haven’t mentioned, please email us! We’d love to talk with you about what we offer and any pain points you’re currently experiencing.

Laura Lee – SEO Director & Account Manager

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