Five Ways to Up Your Facebook Game

The amount of Facebook posts can be overwhelming for users in today’s day and age. Everyone is on Facebook, even businesses. Scrolling through your Facebook feed, it can seem like half of the content is coming from a business Facebook page. But is this an effective way to reach customers? Does this increase traffic to your website or store? Here are 5 ways your business can use Facebook to engage with their audience.

1. Create a consistent theme that ties all posts together.

Whether it’s a post, a hashtag or a daily offer, create a central tone and voice through your Facebook posts to remain consistent to your customers. Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse in Greenville, South Carolina uses the hashtag #togetherisbest to create a theme for their advertising. By using this hashtag, the small bakery and coffee shop is able to create posts around a central theme giving customers a feeling of organization and uniformity.

Facebook post from Tandem

2. Use current events to promote your business.

Some of the best Facebook marketing comes from piggybacking off events or pop culture, often called newsjacking. You can incorporate imagery and themes from movies to weather to sports to memes (and everything in between!) to create a relatable marketing campaign whose goal is product or brand awareness. You can even use it to build up hype for an event you are hosting. For example, Krispy Kreme created a new chocolate glazed donut in celebration of the solar eclipse this past August. Jackie Woodward, chief marketing officer of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, told Fortune magazine, “the Chocolate Glazed Doughnut is a delicious way to experience the solar eclipse – no matter where you are – and we can’t wait for fans to try it.”

Facebook post by Krispy Kreme

3. Offer fun contests for your customers.

Everyone likes some healthy competition! A fun way to bring attention to your business Facebook page is to create a contest encouraging customers to tag their friends in your posts to win a free prize. Contests are a great way to further your advertising and this way most of the marketing is done for you! Monkees of the West End, a local upscale boutique in Greenville, South Carolina, did a great job of using this tactic on their Facebook page to bring awareness to United Way of Greenville.

Facebook post from Monkees 

4. Identify your target audience.

You know your city. You’ve done the research on the demographics. Now choose the interest group you want to pursue. Are they foodies? Are they business professionals? Are they teenage girls? Make sure you aren’t trying to be everything to everyone. Advertise your product offering to whomever you created it for. If you can hone in on your specific audience, you have a better chance at successfully selling them your products. You can do this by using highly targeted Facebook ads directed to the audience you are trying to reach. Or you can do this organically by socializing with your ideal audience where they are. But remember to engage in natural conversation. Don’t be too pushy or you will ruin the relationships you are trying to build.

5. End with a call to action.

Create urgency in your business Facebook page posts by calling your customers (and soon-to-be customers) to action. Emphasize the length of your flash sale by saying “Come in today for our best prices!” Or let your audience know that your stock is running low by saying “Buy these shoes today before our last two pairs walk out of the store without you!” If you can create high demand for your limited supply, customers will be more likely to commit to buying your products now rather than waiting until later. Sidewall Pizza Co., a local pizzeria in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, lets their customers know when they are running low on their ice cream to encourage a quick response.

Facebook post from Sidewall

Facebook is a great tool to reach your ideal audience when used thoughtfully and purposefully. Need help with reaching the right audience with the right content? EnVeritas Group can help you effectively use social media to reach your customers where they are. Email EVG today to see how they can partner with you!

Grace Brink – Content Creator

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