SGE, AI and the Evolving Face of Search (Part 2)

Where & how does SGE use product reviews?

In terms of how SGE may use product product reviews on search results pages, queries like our “What are the best gaming headsets?” present a promising opportunity for publishers who specialize in review content because, as we discussed earlier, SGE pulls in high quality content from authoritative sources, as defined by the Google algorithm.

Closeup of SGE Carousel
Closeup of SGE Carousel

This content appears in the content carousel (see above), and the AI uses it to inform the reader. So, for our gaming headsets search, the carousel provides linked snapshots to a variety of authoritative resources, including:

All take different approaches to the subject, but it’s worth noting the commonalities they share: namely compliance with the E.E.A.T. concept, inclusion of product details, comparative content, etc. (see the next article for more on review quality).

Especially for product-related queries, what’s crucial to note here is this:

The AI pulls in quality content that addresses the question authoritatively and directly.

In the case of our headset search, an article entitled “The Best Wireless Gaming Headphones to Buy Right Now” from a respected media resource like is fair game for carousel inclusion because it directly addresses the question with high quality content. Likewise, product reviews from niche publishers like GameRant or WCCFTech are attractive inclusions because the reviewers are considered experts in their fields, have used the products, rate the products, list the features and/or offer comparisons to similar products.

But wait, there’s other valuable SGE real estate to be had

The screen grab below provides some additional insight into how the AI utilizes information from sources to construct its answer:

SGE AI Attribution
SGE AI Attribution

To date, the press at large hasn’t devoted a lot of space to the resource attribution illustrated above. BUT, purely from an optics perspective, if you’re publishing product or service reviews, best of lists or other product-focused pieces, you’re going to want the AI to use your content here because it sends a clear signal to users that you’re a credible expert.

To get your review content here, you need to be in the content carousel first, so let’s talk about that.

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