Spreading the Multilingual Content Gospel

multilingualHere’s a staggering figure for Chief Content Officers and other key decision-makers to ponder the next time they sit down to budget out  content improvements for their company’s website: 70%. That’s the percentage of the world population (now estimated at around 6,840,507,000 people) who do not speak English as a first language.

If a company’s website speaks to English-speaking audiences only, there’s essentially a whole world of people out there it won’t reach. That is, of course, unless the company also takes the time to develop strategies for creating multilingual versions of their site content.

But what factors should businesses consider if and when they decide to implement multilingual marketing strategies on the web?

Recently, the organizers of the 2012 Specialist Media Show asked EVG’s Monica Guy and Eric Ingrand to offer insight about the far-reaching value of multilingual content (expanded audience & revenue figures, competitive advantage over rivals, etc.) as well as the basic tenets for building multilingual content plans. Among the factors to consider:

  • Which are the best language markets to target?
  • Optimising for local search: Multilingual SEO
  • Hire local writers: Translate for culture or browsing habits
  • The value and costs of multingual content

On the 24th of May 2012, EnVeritas Group will serve as a sponsor of the Specialist Media Show, to be held at Birmingham’s sleek ThinkTank science museum. This pioneering event will focus on innovation in niche consumer and b2b media markets, with Guy and Ingrand present to spread the gospel about the ever-growing need for multilingual site content. Ingrand is also set to host a round table discussion on “Developing Multilingual Content.”

Joey Hall – VP, Content Marketing


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