Top 5 Content Marketing Conferences

For any industry, attending a conference is a great way to ensure your company is keeping up with competitors; it’s also an excellent way to learn about new processes, cool products and timesaving techniques. The content marketing industry is no different, and new events are popping up every year.

But if your company’s continuing education budget is on the lean side, you’ll want to be sure you get the most bang for your buck. So, before you plan where to send your troops, check out this list of the top five content marketing conferences.

Content Marketing World

If you can only attend one conference, this is definitely the one to choose. As the largest content marketing event, Content Marketing World has over 100 brands and experts, including Kevin Spacey, scheduled for this year’s gathering. In addition to the fifty-some sessions, guests have the choice of attending workshops and industry labs, which provide a more tactical approach to many of the topics. When our COO Aubrae Wagner returned from last year’s event, she raved about the workshops, citing them as some of the most helpful and practical sessions she’d ever attended.

Next Date: September 8 – 11, 2014

Content Marketing World Joe Pulizzi
Joe Pulizzi, Founder Content Marketing Institute


Billing itself as “the world’s leading online marketing conference,” past Pubcon speakers include names from Google, Intel and Microsoft, so it should be no surprise that Forbes considers it one of the best conferences for this industry. Participants also note the high caliber of those who attend, making it a great networking opportunity. For the past several years, they’ve hosted at least two events per calendar year, which can also make it easier to attend than one-time events like CMW.

Next Date: October 6 – 9, 2014

Pubcon Las Vegas
Take a trip to Las Vegas to check out Pubcon.


Smaller, more SEO-specific and unmistakably hip, MozCon is organized by the SEO gurus behind Instead of offering multiple tracks with simultaneous sessions, the conference schedules one speaker per time slot, solidifying a unified community atmosphere that sets this event apart from others. Don’t misunderstand, though; even with fewer speakers and sessions, you’ll still leave with plenty of actionable tips. If you go, will you get a picture with Roger for me?

Next Date: July 14 – 16, 2014

Mozcon Digital Marketing Conference
Attend Mozcon in Seattle, Washington.

Confab Central

Confab is “one big party for content-loving folks” who want to learn more about strategy from some of the best and brightest. Much like CMW, this conference is dedicated to all things related to content, from storytelling to using analytics and user-testing to improve your product. Bad news: you just missed this year’s Confab by a few weeks. Good news: you have time to secure the early bird rate for next year.

Next Date: May 20-22, 2015

Confab Central
Confab is a content strategy conference that takes place in Minneapolis.

B2B Content2Conversion

Fairly new on the conference scene but quickly growing in popularity, C2C focuses on building content that closes the deal. If you or your clients are having trouble using content to target customers, engage new clientele or increase demand with current patrons, this is definitely the event to attend. Past speakers include Matthew Papertisan, Joe Pulizzi and Ardath Albee. Another plus? The conference is super affordable in comparison to others.

Next date: February 16-19, 2015 (note that the event is moving from NYC to Arizona this year)

C2C is a newcomer on the conference scene, but promises great value at a low price.
C2C is a newcomer on the conference scene, but promises great value at a low price.

Have you attended one of the events mentioned above, or is there another conference you’ve attended and would recommend? We’d love to hear about your experiences!

Faith Jones – Writer & Editor


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