10 Mobile Apps for the Busy Marketer (Part 2)

photo 1 for blogIn part one of my 10 Mobile Apps for the Busy Markerter series, I listed 4 apps that I like to use for content creation. Hopefully you have had a chance to check them out and found them to be as valuable as I have in my professional role. Assuming that you have had the chance to create some cool content on one of the apps I discussed, now you are set to distribute and monitor the content! In this second installation of the series, I will show you a few ways that you can achieve those two goals.

Here are a few apps that I really get some serious use out of:

  1. Radian6

If your company uses Radian6 or any other social media monitoring and listening platform, it is good to have the app for quick insights. Here you can look at what is being said around the keywords you have chosen. You can also respond to multiple posts in one place, and upload posts. You can look at a summary of sentiment, number of posts, share of voice and other useful analytics.

  1. Hootsuitephoto 2 for blog

I use Hootsuite for scheduling posts on social media. Hootsuite can also be used for posting the same message across a variety of platforms. If I ever forgot to post on a page, I can pull this app up and cover all my bases at once.

  1. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn

Yes, I know this is more than one app but these are all important! These are the basic 101 essentials. You can allow push notifications for reminders when something occurs on these pages, or you can check them periodically through the day like many people do in their downtime. I also downloaded the Facebook page manager so I can solely look at the pages I manage.

Stay tuned for the final installation of my series.  Hopefully, in the meantime, you can put these apps to good use. By the time you read the third part of the series, I hope that you will be able to return to your office, poised to take over the digital world, via your mobile device!

 Elizabeth MuckensturmSocial Media Coordinator

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