3 Ways Kids are Like Web Content

kids and contentAnother blog post about kids? Sorry. As a single parent, my round-the-clock job is taking care of two kids. My day job often has me thinking about website content. So, lately I’ve thought about how they’re the same. Here are three ways.

They must be managed.

Kids must be managed at all times, whether they’re outside on the playground or in their room. And every parent knows: just because they’re being quiet doesn’t mean they’re behaving.

Web pages are the same way. Content should be managed so you can make sure it’s achieving the goals you have for your website. You don’t have to look at every page every day, but coming up with a plan to regularly visit your web pages and evaluate the content on them is a good idea to make sure it’s accurate and up to date. It helps to keep an eye on Google Analytics, which can be a great aid and in knowing who’s reading your content and how well it’s performing.

They’re always on the go.

Kids never stop. Never. They’re always wanting you to push them in their swing for hours on end, making a mess of their room or singing the Frozen soundtrack. For hours on end.

Website content never stops either. It’s always there—always on—with the potential to attract customers or clients, build relationships or do whatever you have in mind for your website to do. It’s easy to take this for granted, but you can take advantage of it. Create a content calendar to refresh your website content, promote it on social media sites and link to it in blog posts. And remember: Google prefers websites that have freshest content.

Life is easier when they get along.

I joke with my friends who have only one kid that they’re just practicing. The challenge begins when you have two, and they love nothing more than antagonizing each other. A sly elbow from the nine-year-old to her sister’s head. A not-so-sly pulling of the hair from the three-year-old. There isn’t peace unless they’re getting along.

Website copy and images create a peaceful harmony when they get along, too. The web is a visual place. Strike a balance between compelling images and compelling copy to provide a positive experience for your website visitors. And don’t forget about videos!

Website content isn’t kids’ play, but it is a lot of fun. If you know any other ways the two are alike, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Stacy Dyer – Content Strategist 

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