3D Images Sell Meeting and Events Venues

3D floor plan3D technologies are turning science fiction into science fact. 3D printers can be snapped up on eBay and may be a solution to world hunger, 3D imaging has transformed medical diagnosis and research, 3D movies are commonplace at cinemas, and you can meet colleagues from across the world in virtual 3D meeting venues.

Yet most hotels and venues are still trying to sell their events spaces using flat, plain and – frankly – boring 2D floor plans.

EVG has been supplying 3D images of floor plans and meeting rooms for one of our major hotel clients, and I’ve been amazed at the response from managers and events staff. “The plans are looking great, WOW!” “The plans will definitely be of great value for us.“It looks amazing!!!!! THANK YOU!!!”

So what do event organizers love about 3D images? Plenty – and not least that they can be put to work at all stages of the sales process.

Benefits of 3D floor plans

First, 3D images are tops for attracting event organizers to your website – they rank highly on Google Images, especially when properly optimized in terms of file names, sizes, alt tags and captions in various languages.

Second, impressive and striking images fire the imagination – an instant “Wow!” factor that can turn a potential client into a convert. This works both online and offline – 3D visuals are a great tool for sales teams to showcase their venues in a realistic and attractive way.

Third, 3D images set your facilities apart from your competition in the increasingly competitive fields of MICE and weddings. Of the two venues below, which would you choose?

2D floor plan

3D meeting space2






Fourth, the world has three dimensions, so realistic 3D images make it easier for clients to visualize event spaces. They can see themselves in the rooms. Clients can immediately compare different room sizes and layouts; select the right venues and furniture configurations; and plan logistics, people flow and break-out sections.

Fifth, unlike video tours, iPad apps and Flash-based web galleries, 3D plans don’t suffer from technical complications. They:

  • are lightweight and easy to download, view and email
  • offer an immediate way to compare and select venues
  • come in a wide variety of formats (JPG, PDF, PNG etc)
  • can be easily embedded on a website
  • can be used in marketing brochures, fact sheets and conference displays
  • can have additional interactive features such as pan and zoom functions and “more info” pop-ups
  • are easy to update when you refurbish the rooms
  • are much more cost-effective than the alternatives

By 2050…

EVG has been surprised and thrilled at how popular these 3D floor plans have been – and the hotels are thrilled at how much they can improve conversion rates.

By 2050, no doubt we’ll all be printing out little plastic models of venues on our 3D home printers, complete with animated 3D model guests sitting in conference halls and mingling in cocktail parties.

Until then, 3D images are the best way to make your meeting and events venues stand out from the crowd.

For more information about 3D floor plans, see EVG’s 3D imaging services or contact Eric Ingrand, VP Content Marketing EMEA at eric@evgmedia.com.

Monica G. – Content Strategist 

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