5 Social Media Tips for Your Company

Social media has become more than just a place to communicate with friends. Companies now use social media as a platform to promote their businesses, and success is driven by things like click rates, views and shares.  From using sites such as LinkedIn to promote yourself or your business to agencies like Enveritas Group, who was recently recognized as a top social media marketing agency, social media has become a major business tool. One study shows people being exposed to over 300 adds a day,and if you add brand exposures to this that number increases to over 5,000.  With numbers like this it is undeniable that social media is a powerful medium for marketing. This medium can become damaging to your company if used in the wrong ways. Here are five social media tips that you can use for your company.

1. Show Don’t Tell.

Like with storytelling, it is better to show your audience something than it is to simply tell them about it. By showing, you make the product more real to your consumer, and the product will have a more lasting impression on them.

2. Keep Track of New Platforms.

In order for your social media marketing to be successful, you have to use the platforms that other people are using. For example there was a time when MySpace would have been an effective marketing tool, but that is no longer true. Today it would be wiser to use Facebook, or Twitter, but you still need to be looking out for the next great social media platform.

3. Show Off Your Customers.

People trust the opinions of other customers. Showing off your current customer base will increase consumer trust in your company’s product, and can be used to not only maintain the customers that you already have,  but to gain new customers. In addition, customers who feel appreciated are more likely to say positive things about your company and create a positive dialogue on social media.

4. Make a Hashtag.

While hashtags can be overdone, they can also be an incredibly effective tool for marketing or spreading a message.  The key to a good hashtag is to make it interesting, descriptive and short.  One of the major mistakes that people can make is to have long, complicated hashtags that take people too long to read.

5. Utilize All Your Employees.

Social media is only as effective as your network, and if you don’t have a good base, then people won’t see even the best of your social media marketing. One of the fastest ways to build your network is to use your employees. if you can get your employees involved with your company’s social media, then each of their networks will become part of the company’s network.

Social media is the most effective marketing today, and likely will remain the most effective method of marketing. Because social media is such a powerful tool, it is important to make sure you know how to use it.  Social media has become about more than connecting friends, and now is the time for companies to start connecting.

Sarah Newbold – Content Creator

Created in partnership with Furman University.

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