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What’s Involved in an ADA Website Accessibility Test?

Since Chip and Joanna Gaines started putting shiplap on every wall they could find and Jonathan and Drew Scott began

Website Accessibility: Is Your Business at Risk?

You pull up a website and suddenly your mouse stops moving and you can’t navigate the page. You start reading

ADA Compliance for Websites: What It Is and Why It’s Important

What is ADA Compliance? In July of 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed into law by President George

6 Free Content Marketing Tools

“So… What content marketing tools do you guys recommend?” This is a frequent question we get at EVG, whether it’s

Word Sneak: Content Marketing Edition

Word Sneak: Content Marketing Edition

Viewers who tuned in to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, November 18 were treated to a particularly

Google: Greenville is a 2014 eCity

Google: Greenville is a 2014 eCity

Greenville, SC – During a press conference this afternoon at the Dark Corner Distillery on Main Street, search giant Google

Authorship died. And it sucks, man.

Ding! Dong! The Author’s Dead! Everybody saw it coming. Still, it bothered me how unceremonious the death knell for Google

7 Reasons Content Marketing Plans Fail

With exception of the occasional social commentary piece, we spend a lot time and space on this blog discussing content

Creative Instruction: Branding & Content Marketing

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit and chat with a fun, smart cadre of students at Furman University. A