Evaluating Employees For A Promotion

Promoting an employee is about more than a salary increase. A promotion comes with a bigger title, more responsibilities, and perhaps, the management of others. You must make sure that this person can take on bigger tasks and is a proper fit. To identify a leader, you must go through a lengthy evaluation process and get the right person. You need a person with a certain skill set, a noticeable level of commitment, and constant performance in previous work history.

Job Satisfaction

The first consideration for any promotion should be job satisfaction. The performance level of a person should be a huge deciding factor. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are they punctual and have good attendance?
  • Can they meet deadlines without issue?
  • Do they have a good attitude?
  • Are they eager to learn new things?
  • Do they get along well with others?
  • Do they have the ability to work overtime and be on call, if necessary?
  • How long have they been with the company?

All of these will factor into your decision for a promotion. If you have an employee who doesn’t get along with others, is disgruntled, and doesn’t perform the best, then they should not be considered for a new position. Anyone who is promoted should have a drive that pushes them to work a bit harder than others. They should have leadership qualities that shine through. If you are satisfied with their job performance, then you should consider giving them a chance for a promotion.

Skill Level

Even if the employee has an impeccable work history, you must evaluate if they have the ability to do the promoted job’s duties. Go through their resume, and be sure to look at education and previous jobs. They must be a fit the position. If you are hiring for the accounting department, then you wouldn’t want someone with no accounting experience. Make sure their skills match the position’s needs.

Working Under Pressure

Management and higher positions often come with stress and deadlines. How has the person performed in the past under stress? If the person has a problem with stress and seems to “freak-out” at with changed or difficult demands, then they may not be the best fit. You need someone who can work under pressure, and make sure the needs of the company come first. They must be able to get the job done no matter how difficult the obstacles.

The Importance Of Being A Team Player

The best leaders are not those who dictate. Rather, true leaders jump in and help their team to ensure the job is done. The person you are considering for a promotion should be a team player. While most positions require some independent working, they must be able to lend a helping hand to make sure quotas are met. They should identify weak links in their team, and they should always be willing to help, advise, and discipline their workers. One of the best ways to boost morale is to let the employees know that management isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty too. They must find a way to get through to their team. Implementing employee engagement ideas are vital to keeping the atmosphere productive.

One of the best ways to see if a person is fit for the job is to allow them to do a trial run. More employers are letting various people do a position for a while to see who is the best fit. Just because someone looks good on paper doesn’t mean they are the best fit for the job. By evaluating the aforementioned items, it will make picking the right person for a promotion easier.

Malcolm Rowlings – Business Management & Staffing Consultant

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