An Explosive Love Affair – Books, Readers and Digital Marketing

An Explosive Love Affair – Books, Readers and Digital MarketingThis weekend heralded National Book Lovers Day. Like pretty much everything in the known universe, the world of books has experienced a cosmic collision with the digital world, and the ensuing waves of change have only gained momentum. In honor of the exuberance, diversity and creativity of book lovers everywhere—those who write them, those who publish and publicize them, and those who read them—I’ve compiled a short list of some of the hottest topics at the crossroads of the written word and digital marketing 

Authors Publish and Publicize (Even More)

While the ability to self-publish online has existed for a while, big league forums like Publishers Weekly are getting into the game. They’ve introduced beta-version to provide space for budding authors to learn the publishing ropes and have their books reviewed. As the author of tween book The Time-Traveling Fashionista explains, even established writers now have as much marketing responsibility as publishers. She used blog and Instagram campaigns to support the book’s launch.

The Biggies Face Battles

As a recent backroom negotiation turned public illustrates, groups are starting to take on Amazon’s dominance in book distribution, questioning everything from pricing practices to the distributor’s effects on literature. Likewise, the Authors Guild is suing Google over the search engine giant’s massive book scanning project that provides snippets of books to online searchers.

Adaptations Explode

The way the written text makes it to readers is constantly mutating. Sites like use a social media platform to circumvent publishers and libraries alike. Big authors are adapting novels for YouTube, and there’s even talk of an MTV for books. Experiments in adapting the very form literature takes to embrace the boundaries of social media have resulted in fun and intriguing examples.

Content Marketing Joins the Front

Examples of publishers getting into content marketing will be the year’s trend, say experts. (Wait, isn’t content marketing essentially brand publishing? This is making my head hurt.Simon & Schuster launched a romance-focused online portal called Hot Bed, and Harper Collins’ Narnia-focused site is its most publicized example.

Admittedly, these are just the CliffsNotes of the epic saga of digital marketing’s impact on books. I’d love to hear how digital media is changing the way you love books!

Emily Smith – Content Writer and Editor

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