How Health and Wellness Companies Can Engage Facebook Audiences With Meaningful Content

It’s no secret that consumers today experience wellness information overload, which is confusing and proven to hinder the adoption of crucial lifestyle and behavior changes. The abundance of information is overwhelming, and many times it’s contradicting, or worse, inaccurate

You can easily keep your Facebook audience engaged and excited about health and wellness by following these simple rules:

Be relatable.

As a woman and a wellness coach who is extremely passionate about fitness and nutrition, I know the last thing your followers want to hear is how perfect your abs look and how great you look in a bikini after your workout. Be transparent and real! Share your mental and physical struggles and avoid bragging about accomplishments. People want to hear about the recipes and the workouts that you love and give you mental and physical results, and even the The Wellness Cup Facebook Posttorturous ones you despise. They also want to hear that eating right and working out is hard for you sometimes, too.

Ask questions.

People want to feel involved and a part of something, especially when it involves adopting lifestyle changes. Ask your audience what they want to learn, about their favorite wellness topics and to share their struggles. By asking your followers what’s important to them, you are showing them that you care for their well-being and that you are there to offer a supportive, educational environment where they can thrive.

Post relevant content with credible sources.

Nothing is worse than a Facebook post that talks about years-old news or makes a claim that can’t be backed up by a credible source. Even if you have 50 certifications and a breadth of knowledge about wellness, it’s important to go the extra mile and provide another reputable source that supports your statement. Great sources include organizations like, FitnessRX for Men and Women, and WebMD, to name a few.

Offer incentives and rewards.

After climbing the mountain, you always look for the sign and incredible view that welcome you to the summit! Incentives and rewards are exciting and extremely important when it comes to attaining health and fitness goals. Small giveaways and rewards like $10 gift cards to health food stores, diabetic cookbooks or workout DVDs are easy on your marketing budget and can motivate your audience to participate in challenges, quizzes and workouts.

Most of us have a desire to reach optimal wellness and need genuine support and proper guidance by professional resources. Through social media sites like Facebook, health and wellness companies have the ability to help people make major lifestyle changes that can drastically improve their health. By following these few simple rules, and making your Facebook content clear and easy to understand, you will have no problem keeping your audience actively engaged.

Lauri Tucker – Guest Blogger & Communications and Wellness Professional

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