How Infographics Can Work for Your Brand

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Are you producing engaging and interactive content for your brand? Do you have a visual map to display your brand’s data? Are you looking for an innovative way to tell your brand’s story? Tap into the potential of infographics.

What is an Infographic?

An infographic is a graphical or visual display of information that conveys data, an argument, or a story. The visual content makes average data or information more attractive to the reader. Infographics are a vibrant method of delivering necessary content to build brand awareness and are often displayed on websites, brochures, and social media.

Why use an Infographic?

This is the era of data visualization. Rather than spending time reading data, most people would rather see it in an interesting or exciting way. From infographics about sustainability initiatives, companies, and elections, information can increasingly be delivered in a visually appealing ways. Businesses can change the method and efficiency in which information is presented to a customer or their story is told to a client. Whether it’s the story of a company or the story of a life, they present data and information in an organized manner. Additionally, they highlight key facts and figures making dry presentations engaging. It is important to identify the relevant information that can build your story. What story do you want to tell your audience? Make sure the infographic covers it.

Once you have the story, it’s important to share it. When it comes to sharing content, infographics make it easy for you. An infographic should be a single image that can be uploaded to any portal or base in which you deliver your content (ie, website, blog, social media platform). Making it an easily shareable image dissolves any frustration regarding layout and formatting errors.

Coca-Cola Case Study

Coca-Cola has successfully marketed itself for over a century, ultimately becoming a popular drink of choice. Interbrand ranked Coca-Cola the number four Best Global Brands of 2017. Above all, the company has perfected its image for humanity. When you see Coca-Cola campaigns, you may notice visuals of people united, expressing positive attitudes, like this “Open Happiness” campaign. This industry giant chooses to use infographics to further explain their initiatives and procedures.

Bea Perez, the company’s Chief Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability officer explained Coca-Cola’s initiatives in this way, “We challenged ourselves to think differently about how we illustrate and share the impact of our efforts.” The infographics explaining their sustainability and environmental initiatives are somewhat of a “portal” to the full scope of information on Coca-Cola’s views. Thus, this visual display highlights the key factors that readers will find interesting. These infographics can be seen in the company museum in Atlanta, Georgia and even on the Coca-Cola website.


coke infographicRecently, Coca-Cola posted an infographic entitled “Our 2020 Environmental Goals” on its website. From constant external stress on sustainability initiatives, the company decided to release this infographic to explain where it stands. Rather than have an official release of facts and figures, Coca-Cola saw the potential of creatively displaying it to consumers, shareholders, and the general public. Perez states that the infographic “was created to clearly communicate why our sustainability priorities are important to our business and to invite more people into the conversation.” As you can see, the reader can visually understand how much of an environmental impact the company generates. This transparency sets the company apart from its competitors in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

As previously mentioned, Coca-Cola is one of the most successful marketers in the world. Perhaps one of the reasons it is so successful is the transparency of information delivered through infographics. Most companies are transparent through press releases and official documents. However, Coca-Cola delivers its information through a more readable outlet. If you’re looking a way to become more in touch with your customers, why not try generating an infographic? Coca-Cola makes the case for it.

Infographics in Complex Industries

When wanting to visually and conveniently display information to the public, companies can easily share an infographic around the internet. This usage has led other companies to use this tactic in explaining company goals or facts. In particular, Pfizer, a large pharmaceutical corporation, utilizes an infographic to provide basic details regarding the company’s foundation and strategy. The pharmaceuticals industry is very scientific and deals with a wide variety of products. Pfizer has aimed to make this complex information visually appealing to engage readers. This further emphasizes that infographics can help companies across a wide spectrum of industries better simplify information and communicate their ideas.

pfizer infographic

The Evolution

Lauren Drell states in “Hashtags and Infographics and Videos! Oh My!” (published by the American Marketing Association) the concept of infographics is constantly evolving. The most common form is static, usually in picture form and presented digitally or in print. However, now, they have transformed into interactive and video form like Coca-Cola’s 100% Water Replenishment Goal video. Interactive infographics offer more of a personalized experience with options and choices for the viewer. Additionally, the interaction gives viewers a stronger connection to the information. Video infographics, often shown on websites or YouTube, are easy to share and embed for viewers. They also offer the means to add music or forms of animation. This takes the main benefit of infographics one step further and adds to the argument of presenting information in a more exciting way. In order to deliver information and data in an exciting new way, content marketers should consider the advantages of infographics.

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Sydney Schirra – Content Creator

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