A Day in the Life of an International Content Manager

From creative brainstorming to hiring an international team and then managing guidelines, calendars, budgets and deadlines, the day-to-day life of an international content manager can be varied and interesting.

It’s also pressured and plate-spinning in equal measure. Here are a few insights from my time as Chief Content Officer for EnVeritas Group, managing content-related projects for publishers and travel companies all over the world.

Lisa PlumridgePerfecting the pitch

We tend to get involved with our clients at pitch stage, collaborating in the creative process and shaping the content strategy.

Once pitches are won, the focus is on developing the team and finding the right person for each task, often in multiple locations and working in numerous languages.

Key ingredients of a successful project

For a project to be successful, various elements need to be in place from the get-go:

  • Content creation guidelines for writers, editors and translators
  • Templates and examples
  • Style guides and glossaries for the languages we’re working in
  • Budgets
  • Calendars

Often we’re working with teams covering several time zones and personalities across the spectrum. It helps to have people on board who are used to working with an international team and who can keep their heads in case something goes awry—these people are the safety net that keep a project on track.

Managing remote teams

Remote teams need careful management: emails can be misconstrued and instructions misunderstood. Communication is key here, from team meetings on video or conference calls to gentle encouragement on a personal level via a quick phone call or one-line instant message.

Keeping team members in different corners of the world connected can mean the difference between a project that exceeds expectations and one that falters. By perfecting your pitches, making sure you have all of the key ingredients to a successful project and keeping lines of communication open, you can exceed expectations in your work as an international content manager.

Lisa Plumridge – Chief Content Officer

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