Know Content Marketing Archetypes for Better Strategy and Results

Author Holly Rollins
Author Holly Rollins

There are 4Ps in content marketing, according to CMI speaker Robert Rose at the Charlotte, NC Content Marketing World this November. No, it’s not the 4Ps you may have learned in Marketing 101. I’m talking about the Promoter, Preacher, Professor and Poet types of content marketing. Defining the models of content creation in terms of the following personalities helps both the content creator and the intended audience.


The promoter style of content is more pitch-oriented. Examples include a website and other promotional communication such as sales sheets and case studies. This approach targets audience needs and wants and drives commitment.


This form of information is produced and distributed in more of a word-of-mouth fashion. According to Rose, it’s creating content to help you be found or to evangelize your ideas. Examples include blogging, social media channels and inbound lead generation tools such as Hubspot. This type builds awareness and drives engagement.


This is content meant to build trust, highlight differentiation and build relationships. According to Jay Baer, this is “content so good you’d pay for it.” An example includes an e-book giving industry tips you may not learn anywhere else. The target is your audience’s interests and passions. It drives meaning.


This content evokes emotion and connects a brand to the audience’s belief system. Examples include communication that elicits an emotional response, such as heartfelt or funny videos and photos. It targets feelings and beliefs, and it drives emotion.

Some content can be a combination of a couple of these archetypes. But typically when issuing a campaign (marketing or content), one of these categories should be the focus—in the beginning of the process, at least. I liken content marketing strategy fundamentals to writing a paper or book: Write an outline, envision the big picture and outcome, then forge your plan and execute your content.

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Holly Rollins – President of 10-x Group

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