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Person using cell phone for social media.As 2015 comes to a close, a new year on the horizon means fresh things in technology and social media!

But it’s not my favorite

While Facebook users have the dislike button to look forward to , Twitter users are also currently experiencing changes to the social media site. Avid tweeters can no longer click on “favorite” tweets since the trusty star has been replaced with a heart (similar to Instagram) and in a Facebook style move, you can now like a tweet.

Twitter justified this move by saying that the change makes their service more welcoming to new users, since many people like a variety of things, but not everything can be your favorite.

While you were away . . .

Earlier this year, Twitter rolled out its “While You Were Away” feature. This section, which reminds me of the Top Posts option on Facebook, selects posts from your Twitter feed by accounts you interact with the most.

Tweeters who do not like this feature cannot opt out of it, but the on the flipside, offering a select few tweets to navigate through makes using Twitter a little less intimidating for the casual user.

Possible content wars

Adding to a busy year for Twitter, the micro-blogger now allows users to upload 30-second video clips. While this in no way puts them in competition with YouTube, the rollout of support for short video clips puts Twitter in competition with Snapchat and Instagram regarding the rapid release of videos and photos.

Twitter’s “Moments” relatively recent rollout came in response to Snapchat’s successful Live Stories feature, which allowed them to sign a deal with NFL. Throughout the football season, Snapchat has been hosting one NFL Live Story event, the social media platform has not been able to use NFL broadcast footage.

Regarding Twitter, the “Moments” feature allows users and nonusers to view a moment in time with content by Twitter users and partners including the New York Times, BuzzFeed and Major League Baseball.

However, Instagram is now joining the party. While the popular photo app released their 15-second video platform in 2013, it has recently been taking strides to begin to compete with Twitter and SnapChat by focusing on universal events such as Halloween to program its pop-up video channel.

Instagram encouraged users to post their video clips with the hashtag #IGHalloween, allowing the social media site to curate content like its competition.

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