Laura Lee

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Part 1 When I prompted some friends for their questions to help me write this blog, one of my favorite

Health During the Holidays: Planning Your Content Strategy

Ah, the holidays: A time of joy, giving, and … depression? Heartburn? Pregnancy? It’s true. I worked in the online

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing: Imposter Syndrome at Work

When you think “I’m so in over my head,” or “I can’t do what they think I can do, and

Talking Careers With Downtown Greenville Pastry Chef and Foodie Michal Smith

I am blessed to have friends from a wide variety of different backgrounds, each with a unique heritage. One of

Small Businesses and Social Media

I often talk to small business owners or employees who ask about social media. “How do I find time for

The Last Buzz(word): Cut Out Jargon for Clearer Content. Literally. Seamlessly.

Your company says it has innovative, optimized, efficient strategies! Your resume says you are a results-driven people person who is

The Best Video Game Music for Work and Study

These are some of the best video game music soundtracks to help you concentrate on your tasks: Final Fantasy 7

Executives and Reddit: IAmA CEO. Ask Me Anything

  It’s a new era. No longer out of reach of us “average people,” executives are taking to social media

Duplicate Content Problems

  In my field, I hear a lot of talk about duplicate content. Will Google penalize for it? How should