Vine: A Six Second Solution to Healthcare Marketing

????????????????????????????????It is said that a single picture is worth a thousand words, so how many words is a video worth?  A video has the power to make a lasting impression on viewers and a solid impact for a healthcare company. When you partner the influence of a video with the driving force of social media, you can achieve significant results. However, video creation can be expensive and time consuming. But never fear: Vine, the 6-second video sensation, is here to revive your video marketing.

I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I want to use Vine for my video content marketing when there are over a billion users on YouTube?” Yes, the potential number of viewers on YouTube is enormous, but so is the competition. If you want to connect with a crowd that’s up to date with social media trends, you need to take a look at Vine, where there are over 40 million registered users telling and sharing stories in the form of continuously looping 6-second videos.

Vine offers unique marketing opportunities for your healthcare organization, hospital or medical practice. By adding Vine to your collection of content marketing resources, you will be adding variety to your message on social networks. Not only is it free to download and post, but the user-friendly Vine offers simplicity. Instead of spending hours, or even days, producing a YouTube video, you can now make a speedy and high impact video clip directly with Vine from your smartphone.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to be using Vine to market your healthcare company:

1. It’s easy

Using your phone or tablet, you can easily shoot quick and raw video footage that is then effortlessly uploaded to social media. Because the videos can only last up to 6 seconds, there is no complicated plot that has to be established before filming. It can be spur of the moment and capture live events taking place. For example, is there a surgery taking place in your hospital? Step on into the operating room and capture a quick shot of your surgeons working their magic like the vine below from @UCHealth. Such an interesting topic is likely to get “revined” or reposted, exposing even more viewers to your video. The vines can also be shared on Twitter, Facebook and directly to a friend by sharing the link.

2. Increase followers by offering health tips

In the age of WebMD, patients are constantly searching for health information online. Who really needs a doctor’s diagnosis anyway, right? Prove to your followers that a doctor’s advice is the most reliable. Watching a video of the doctor giving them tips will build the confidence viewers have in your healthcare company. Show patients how to clean and bandage a cut on their child’s arm—tell them what to look for, and how to recognize if the cut needs further medical attention such as stitches.

3. Social testimonials

Do you have a patient who is forever grateful for how you helped her or a loved one? See if she is willing to be a part of a six-second video testimonial speaking to the credibility of your practice. By doing this, you are actually controlling the spread of word of mouth. Doctor’s reputations are typically gained through word of mouth, so by sharing a real patient’s story, you are adding real value to your marketing. Make sure to add a call to action, such as “Call and make an appointment today!”

4. Educational

Maybe in your office, you have a sign that tells your patients how to distinguish between the cold and the flu. After distinguishing which symptoms relate to which illness, you can inform about what treatments are available. Vine can be used to do just this. Use a Vine video to inform patients of which symptoms mean the flu or a cold, and then inform them that their doctor can prescribe them specific medications. Now, instead of going to the local drug store for over the counter medicines, your patients will be more inclined to call and make an appointment because you have made them aware of potential treatments.

5. Promote awareness

Using your Vine account, you can promote awareness days/months, or even just general health awareness. Inspire your patients and followers to learn more about an awareness day or month related to illnesses and chronic disease, and urge them to make a difference. Also, you can promote awareness about proactive self-health, such as reminding women to perform self-examinations and to schedule their yearly mammogram.

6. Promote your events

Having a local blood drive or dedicating a day collecting medical waste to dispose of properly? Spread the word of your event and encourage your patients and their friends to stop by. This can also include promoting when you will begin offering seasonal flu shots in the office.

Vine offers your company or practice endless opportunities to reach out to their patients easily in a new, fun and innovative way. If you add Vine to your video content marketing repertoire and promote yourself with a more personalized approach, you can gain the loyalty and endorsement of your patients.

Get started now!

  1. Download Vine, available for iOS, Android, and Windows phone devices
  2. Sign up with your Twitter account or email address
  3. Add friends from your address book, your Twitter followers list, or email invitations
  4. Learn what to expect and how to create a video here

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